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christ. / Press

“Beautiful, haunting and emotive.”

“Christ. makes it sound new and so puts the lid on one of my favourite surprises of the year. Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack is a hugely enjoyable, thoroughly absorbing album and it’s refreshing to see a label like Parallax Sounds given the opportunity to issue it. I’m hoping for more…”

“Cathexis is perhaps the most accessible and impressive Christ. release since '07's Blue Shift Emissions.”

“such a mix of evidence and singularity : a unique personality trait that contributes at least as much as his talent for beatmaking to make Christ., for a full decade already, the most captivating electronic musician around.”

“beautifully realised, eerie spacey electronica, highly addictive if sedative but a gorgeous journey nonetheless.”

“Cathexis' is blessed with a rare and fragile melodic and emotive beauty, fine strains of pastoral bliss tones and dewy pads mixed with lean synthetic and organic breakbeats.”

“this is acollection of heavily percussive beats, wide open space FX, incidental spoken word passages over the kind of blueprint sounds that made highly melodic electronica of this nature so very popular in the first place. Recommended for fans of all things introspective and digital, in and outside the bedroom.”

“Bike, Christ.'s EP follow-up to last year's Blue Shift Emissions, is a breezy, high-spirited set that sounds pretty much like what one would expect: five dreamily flowing, densely-detailed tracks teeming with enough jubilant beats, billowing synths, and shimmering melodies to tide your local Boards of Canada fanatic over until Christ.'s next full-length is released. With their blissful synth washes and speaking voice samples, “Glenbrook” and “Gresham Flyer Dreams” closely replicate the BoC template while the other three generally veer off into Christ.'s own lush universe, with the opener “Round the Rigg” especially lovely.”

“Revelations? There are a few minor ones in the sumptuous sound construction that fills up a room with warmth while leaving a little space for a disquieting edge. While Christ. has a thing for swelling sounds, he files down his rhythms with digital sandpaper. He’s also not averse to using blue notes, which separate this from truly ambient music by injecting some soulful harmonic tension.”

“Put simply, Blue Shift Emissions, Christ.'s (Chris Horne) full-length follow-up to his Pylonesque debut, is such a marvelous, fully-rounded piece of work it could serve as an electronic standard for other would-be composers to regard as an ideal model. The Scottish artist effortlessly strikes a balance that's seemingly elusive to others, specifically that delicately wrought meeting-point where melodic elegance and refined sound design coincide. Arrangements never drown in excess, but neither are they overly skeletal; beats likewise are never overly complex or too basic.”

“listening to the church-like, spiralling synth and organ lines of his most recent LP Blue Shift Emissions, you could be forgiven for thinking that christ. was motivated by some form of bliss or transceence. Melancholic but upliting, imbued with delicate grace, the tracks on Blue Shift... evoke awe as well as calm. The reclusive producer prefers the pastoral calm of the countryside to the bustle of the city, but regularly plays abroad, a stalwart of Sonar and its affiliate festivals, he travels the globe performing his work wherever intelligent electronica is appreciated.”

“Christ. strips back electronic melody to its purest form and when you have the talent, foresight and confidence in the originality of your music, less is definitely more.”

“the pastoral, sepia-toned synths and woozy melancholic melodies waft as expected; additionally, there is an anchoring flicker of oxidized, fireside beats. He manifests a bucolic whorl with the best of them, referencing the immersive and animatronic sensibilities of both the Warp and Morr catalogs with an insistent sawtooth undercurrent.”

“Christ’s output this far has been outstanding and his status as recording artist is beyond being well cemented.”

“Christ. follows his 2003 album Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle and 2005 EP Seeing and Doing with two lush samplings of finely-honed pastoral electronica”

“After releasing the highly successful, "Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle" album, Christ. immediately cemented his place as one of the most respected electronica artists of the decade. After appearing live at Sonar 2003 in Barcelona he embarked on a UK tour with Schneider TM. Toward the end of the tour the pair played a live session on the John Peel Show in December 2003, which has gone down as one of the best live sessions ever.”

"Seeing and Doing" establishes Christ. as a major figure in the world of electronica.

“Almost two years after that debut LP came out, Seeing And Doing's four new originals hint at the continuing evolution of his sound having toured steadily, playing various festival showcases, and even treating John Peel to an encore performance. While the same essential ambiance remains, these new tracks have more layers. They're richer, fuller, and somewhat more abstract.”

“plentiful synthesized atmosphere, fairly cold, dry and fused with a superb analogue bassline and then there’s the minimal beat… very hard, crafted with surgical precision and quite excellently combined with the rest of the elements”

“Blue Shift Emissions is not an album to skip through hastily, it is clearly intended to be savoured in its entirety. Unlike Pylonesque, an EP made up of tracks with clear individual impact and no overall structure to speak of, there is a very natural progression and structural cohesion to this record, from the opening synth swells of “Substration”, right through to the woozy and serene closing keyboard riffs of “Balaam”. The journey in between is packed full of idyllic, beautifully melodic slabs of electronica, delicate and uncluttered in content, yet instantly accessible and beguiling. Blue Shift Emissions is one of those rare joys, an electronica record that is instantly loveable, yet one that reveals more with every listen. Christ., the savior of UK electronica? You better believe it.”

“Christ's first full-length album is a dubby and thick pudding of scary dreams and rainbow-filled landscapes”

“Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle is atmospheric and explorative, confidently composed, expertly sequenced, and competently produced. Christ. concocts an engaging analogue brew of soaring melodies, deep grooves, and textural detail,”

“Christ continues the theme of nostalgic and psychedelic soundscapes within the loose boundaries of electronic music. Distancing himself from 'the do it by numbers' IDM handbook, Christ washes his ideas with a haze of atmosphere and layers of emotive, evocative sound. Much that has come to be regarded as clich within the electronic music scene finds at its root an association with the music that Christ helped visualise in the first place all those years ago”

“even the upbeat numbers, pylonesque and perlandine friday, retain this impressionist, almost inchoate ambience, but you'd be hard-pressed to find catchier tunes this year. if christ was a member of That Other Band, he sure wasn't pete (standing alone?) best - you'll find deft melodies and haunting introspection that rival anything boards have written and - like closing song absolom - can teach scotland's famous blue duo a thing or two. terrif.”

“It's a dark and cavernous affair. The understated beats pulsing gently in your ear and the reassuring buzzing of several fridges should be intimidating, but Christ's nimble touch could make the harsh landscape of Bladerunner appear welcoming.”

“Clocking at just over fifteen minutes, this ultra-limited twelve-inch-only release showcases once again Christ.s’ delicately layered soundscapes and melodies. The title-track alone is worth every penny. Built around a swirling shimmer of sounds and drowsy drumbeat, a wonderfully uplifting little melody twists and twirls with insistent regularity, very much like a stream finding its way down between rocks and mounts. Christ. crafts the pastoral settings for this composition to develop with superb precision and offers here one of his most captivating tracks yet”

“A truly classic album, fans of richly layered evocative electronic music of any kind will have discovered a new masterpiece to add to their collection. Fabulous.”

“Horne arranges his interwoven rhythms and melodies to exhibit a quiet artfulness. Layers and layers of sounds, expertly stitched together, climb atop and gently roll over one another. His graceful cascades of both warm and cool synths envelope into a comfortable atmosphere. He creates another place, an otherworldly existence, and his listeners will never want to leave.”

“Christ. sometimes inverses the balance of powers between sound and rhythmic elements, as on the abrasive and upfront Ray Breakout or the seismic Skylab One, destabilising for a moment the fragile nature of the constructions in order to reveal a stronger and harsher side to the music. Remains the instinct of the man for beautiful melodies, warm sounds, hypnotic grooves and carefully set arrangements, all contributing to the impressive atmospheric nature of this record.”

“Mixing the EP together pays off big time, as the total listening experience, each track trailing off into the next, makes Bike easily the most instantly satisfying release in Horne’s already impressive catalog. It’ll make even the most adamant atheist among us testify that Christ. is indeed lord.”

“The unchartered territories plotted within the grooves of Metamorphic may take a few spins for one to fully comprehend, as its seething raw exterior may initially overshadow its hidden subtleties. But the revelation ensures an overwhelming sense of wonder as the distortion heavy production wraps itself ’round the listener – excessive warmth and lingering tones spread throughout its oblique analogue strategies.”

“This is a downtempo fantasy, pure and simple, with deep bass that just takes it out. You could call this lush, in fact I will. I only have to kick myself that I missed his set at Sonar.”

“Confident enough to dispense with the complexities and intricacies that are often found in modern electronic music, Christ. keeps it simple, relying on his ability to produce an album of lush electronics that will leave you with a warm glow inside and a smile on your face long after the last note fades away.”

“Christ.’s real skill is in his lightness of touch. Deft strokes, swathes, echoes, and pulses give this, his second long playing offering, a playful warmth which of late has been driven from so much electronic music in favour of a brutal fashionista stomp of curt, clinical strokes. This machine music suggests less of a trip out, more of a trip in; probably painstakingly constructed but light and effortless. Black Dog, Pete Namlook and Boards of Canada may be quick reference points for this particular kind of analogue bubblebath, but there is enough grit and substance in Christ.’s effusive tones to stop the most fevered cynic in his tracks, not to mention a great deal of heart in these streams of zeroes and ones.”

“For his latest instalment Christ.’s taking things back to basics, back to the four-track set up that he started out with and he has created something pared down and beautiful. There’s always a broken in, worn feel to his genius grooves, something that is both familiar and comforting while still managing to be fresh and compelling.”

“Some gorgeous, moving melodies are woven into this rich audio tapestry.”

“A talented chap whose melodies will melt you into a pool of your own self. What am I talking about? I have no idea.”

“Christ. (whose choice of moniker and punctuation renders him both fundamentally unGoogleable and completely baffling to grammar-check software) is known for modernizing and modifying the aesthetic of the early Warp Records catalog, and Bike is no exception. Here, Christ. updates things by way of going back to the days before the birth of glitch, re-contextualizing antiquated pop synth sounds among swirls of early-’90s electronic ambience and complex breakbeats.”

“Like a meandering mesh of antennae tracking a nerve center Pylonesque speeds in the right lane and manages to avoid all tolls.”

“I highly recommend this EP. A lot of artists these days are inspired by Boards of Canada’s sound, but very few can claim to have helped shape it. This EP is worth getting for its title track alone.”

“Christ. seems willing to explore more varied themes than BoC. Think less children, more discord. Christ.’s accessible compositions for analogue synthesizers and hip-hop beats make for a relaxing summer LP.”

““Fragile X” provides a brief intro, but “Marsh of Epidemics” is deep and long. It’s a slow-building, atmospheric track with layers of analogue electronics and underwater voices. “Magic Piano” is even more abstract. Lo-fi New Age-ish synths sound like they’re coming from a beat-up Victrola in the woods. It’s a good effect: computer music on a scratchy 78.”

“Crunched hip-hop beats, a bittersweet analogue synth line, and distressed samples of children form the perfect soundtrack for a fading photograph.”

“It is warm, optimistic, and familiar, proving once again that Christ. is a talented man.”

“But back to my road trip: it’s very refreshing to listen to an electronic record so outside the conventions of modern dance music. As I drove, my mind wandered with the music, the trees, the cows, the landscape and my car slowly merging into a single colorful vignette. A lovely trip then. And no, I didn’t crash. Thank Christ..”