Chris Smither / Press

“Smither trades on the big truths, the immutable, imponderable questions that only the bravest poets ask, caring less about answers than about what we can learn by asking.”

“With the spotlight trained on him, Smither laces his wise insights on life, love, and politics with an air of existential pondering that is well suited to his quiet ruminations.”

“If time is standing still for Smither, it's because he's once again exploring the many ways in which the world can surprise, delight, and convex us. ”

“Another great album from this master troubadour.”

DK - Maverick (UK)

“Chris Smither has been steadily releasing classy albums for decades, honing his craft as a songwriter of thoughtful ruminations on and acute observations about life's bitter ironies. Time Stands Still may be the best release of his career.”

“Time Stands Still carries all his trademarks, the sun-dried voice, beautiful fingerpicking, the gentle smearing of vocals, like John Martyn.”

Uncut (UK)

“The bluesy veteran’s new CD, “Time Stands Still," is a typically Smitherful masterwork of battered anthems, undulating seductions, and rain-dripped reflections, full of killer lines, hard-earned wisdom, and sly truisms.”

“Bonnie Raitt covered (and modified) Smither's "Love You Like a Man" early in her career, and numerous singers have since followed suit. Yet midway through Saturday night's concert, Smither proved that he's still capable of passionately reclaiming the song anytime he chooses.”

“Time Stands Still is another fascinating distillation of everything we admire about Smither and his music. The exquisite playing, the weary rasp of his voice, the vivid lyricism that is both straight-forward and remarkably spiritual and the fine choice of covers.”

“Like Dylan, Smither is a master at the quick turn of phrase that sometimes leaves the listener still digesting the words even as the song continues to move along.”

“Time Stands Still does have that wonderful spontaneous, strippeddown, easy, and relaxed atmosphere. Yet it’s quite obvious that Chris Smither put a lot of thought into the writing and selection of his material, and in total it transcends a simple acoustic blues label.”