Chris Shepard / Press

“Funny. Talented. Sardonic. Sarcastic. Cynical. Irreverent. Intense.”

“To know him better is to read his lyrics and hear him perform in the style he describes as “kinetic rock electrocoustic.” I just describe it as great music.”

“Seeing him play live almost borderlines on watching Alf and Ronnie James Dio performing songs from Schoolhouse Rock, which I would not expect to work in a live setting, but for him, it does.”

“Critics and supporters alike can listen to and muse along with the bumpy syncopations of Shepard’s voice and acoustic guitar.”

“Many songwriters are craftsmen. Chris Shepard is that, and he is also an uncompromising original artist with a unique, darkly comic vision. He is also able to write affecting lyrics and memorable melodies in conventional song format. As a performer, he has a powerful and rhythmic guitar technique, and sings with exceptional strength and range. He deserves widespread recognition. ”

Randy Walker, former music writer, Roanoke Times & World-News

“Quintessential, American music.”

Andrea Caumont - Left Off The Dial

"Shepard's irreverence aside, there's no questioning his playing ability."

John Persinger - The Roanoke Times

“Very cool 'n' loopy, heavy and NYC-ish ”

Martin Popoff - Author, Sr. Editor of Brave Worlds & Bloody Knuckles, Contributo

“Good in that weird, twisted, college boy kind of style ”

Albert Bouchard - Blue Oyster Cult, The Brain Surgeons

“'Sin & Tonic' is a masterpiece of clever songwriting and shape-shifting grooves.”

“Chris Shepard is the mind behind this rocking and sarcastic band that delivers songs about hippies, skinning dogs, smoking crack and working a 9-5. …Comparable in nature to the context of Ween, Zappa, Beck and Primus, expect to be entertained by a solid album of some comical songs and sounds.”

JC - Impact Press