Chris Ruben / Press

"His guitar smells like Watermelons"

“i fucking love chris ruben. whoever doesnt listen to this album like republicans. therefore, you have to listen to this band, this guy, this man. and if you dont agree with anything im saying, i will fight you. and have sex with your mom. well maybe not it depends on if shes hot or not like, you know like, if shes a good looking mom id probably bang her, oh yeah i lost my train of thought, so yeah, just listen.”

"I don't have words. You've really blown me away."

My Father - Fact #4

"See the sun" is my favorite, I'm so glad you put this online bro, I've heard you sing it live and its been stuck in my head every once in a while, thanks for letting me hear it again.

"its a boy"

Dr. - Fact #2