Chris Nelson / Press

“Chris Nelson is a Pennsylvania-based artist who normally specializes in “dark folk”. However, his latest LP moves towards more heavy-blues flavored rock with the aptly named Once In a Blue Mood. Some highlights from the album include “Winter Song” and the interesting instrumental track “Dodecahedron”.”

“I was looking for something with a punk attitude, but slightly silly.”

“I realize that I won't be playing any arenas, but that's not what music is all about to me.”

““In Praise of Failure” has a calm, moody 1980s-style backdrop upon which Chris Nelson shouts desperate vocals in great contrast, building towards the signature line “…the greatest way to leave your mark is to jump off of a building …” The song also contains some good guitar work with a slow, methodical, bluesy lead.”

“There is something quite admirable about musicians who produce albums entirely by themselves. It takes a plethora of skills to play several instruments adequately, provide all the vocals, and do all the mundane engineering tasks independently, not to mention the songwriting process itself. Chris Nelson has produced such an album with The Invisible Man. ”

“...a nice mix of originals and covers...”

"Chris Nelson's music is a little garage-sounding; you'll see what I mean when you hear it..."

"I’d want to play somewhere where there are a lot of people, but not a stadium or anything. You lose the connection with people if there are too many."

"[Nightfall is] Overall a great collection of tunes."

"I consider anyone who I am inspired by to be a musical influence. That includes some of the unsigned indie artists, which are too numerous to mention."

“The sound is something unique yet oddly familiar.”

"...Saturday February 13th, note not a Friday the 13th but still bad luck, I went to see Chris Nelson perform an acoustic set in the smaller bar area of Bubes Brewery in Mount Joy. Chris always puts on a very pleasing show that everyone can enjoy..."