Chris Machete / Press

“PORT PERRY -- Chris Cochrane instructed a class at HM Music School on June 28. Mr. Cochrane teaches students of all ages at the local music school in his home studio located at 15926 Simcoe St. in Port Perry.”

“PORT PERRY -- Ruth-Ann Taylor crooned 'Old Man,' a Neil Young tune, accompanied by her instructor Chris Cochrane. The HM Music School presented Back to the Boat on board the MV Woodman cruise ship on June 12. The concert featured acoustic performances by rock and metal students of the local music school.”

“Blackstock's Chuck Calibre is trying to break the trend with its loud energetic music. The band, formed in the summer of 2001, has played more than 75 live shows since then. Chuck Calibre has toured not once, but twice, in Canada's east coast, and participated in this year's Junofest held in Ottawa. The band describes its sound as double-barrel rock n' roll. Members of this six-piece band include Chris "Machete" Cochrane (guitar/lead vocals), Dent Richardson (bass), Chris "PO" Brunet (bass), Drew "Nasty" Nastic (guitar), Ryan Kindry (drums), Mel "Melicious" Godfrey (guitar). Chuck Calibre is currently doing several label showcases both for Canadian and American labels. "We have interest from one of the biggest labels in Canada and one of the biggest in America," said Brent Donnelly, manager. The band is planning on recording a three-song demo. Chuck Calibre will be touring Canada this summer with Stephen Pearcy formally of 80's metal band RATT.”

“TORONTO -- Proving that they're more altruistic than their moniker suggests, local hard rockers Mr. Machete get the benefit ball rolling tonight at Lee's Palace with "Put Some Clothes On." The event offers punters a cut-rate cover charge -- $2 instead of $5 -- with any warm clothing donation for Covenant House. "What inspired it? I live in the city," Mr. Machete drummer Brent says matter-of-factly. "You walk down the street and it's a daily reality to see people in pain." The group, which also includes singer Chris, guitarist Dave, and a bassist who goes by the curious name of Dent, are currently at work on a new album/multi-media assault, including a video for each brash, boozy, and brief tune (lead-off single Vodka clocks in at a white-lightning minute and fifteen seconds). To sample the stuff as a work in progress, visit the group's extensive, self-generated Web site at www.mrmachete.com.”