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“Chris Lozano and his Band the Dixie Playboys played at our Daughters Welcome Party at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego this past December. There were 225 guests who flew in from around the country for a Destination Wedding. Some new “County” and could dance but the majority didn’t and couldn’t. By the end of the night everyone found a new passion for “Country” and some new dance steps. Chris and his Band played what seemed non-stop from 6:00-10:30 and managed to excite everyone. Chris is the ULTIMATE PERFORMER!!! Not only can he sing but has the knack to draw in a crowd and get everyone singing and dancing. And his Band was right there with him. How much fun! That Friday night Welcome Party was the talk of the wedding thanks to Chris. He is a “good guy” with a passion for what he does. Whether it’s “country” or the latest hits he and his Band can play it and play it well. I would HIGHLY recommend Chris and the Dixie Playboys to anyone! “Getting our monies worth””

Ralph and Lisa Beers

“Chris and the Dixie Playboys performed at our Sea Pointe Estates Clubhouse last night for Ray Forgie & my Birthday and I have to say what a performance!!! These guys are REAL PROFESSIONALS! We all felt like we were at their concert! I kept getting complements like..."where did you ever find this band they are AMAZING" or "Best Entertainment we have ever had at our clubhouse"! We had people who were not particular "country western fans" get up and dance almost every song... You guys are SPECTACULAR! Thanks again!!!”

Julie Aros Heine - Client & Fan

““Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys are carrying on the tradition of being what a great band should be. They perform excellent music and relate to their audience with the ease of well-seasoned performers. Their personality and presence are the reason people keep coming back to see them again and again.” ”

-Mark "TAZ" Graves, Morning drive on-air personality for 94.3 KIK FM

““As Production Assistant/Audio Engineer at the original Crazy Horse in Santa Ana as well as the Irvine Spectrum location, I had the privilege of working with some of the top local talent. Each week brought different bands onto my stage, and although I loved working with them all, there were a few favorites of course! When you have a group of musicians that not only have outstanding talent but are a pleasure to work with, have a large solid following and interact with the crowd the way these guys do, everyone has a great time. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys again anytime - great guys, great band, you can't lose!” ”

-Lynn Bailey, Audio Engineer, Production/Stage Manager

““To whom it may concern, and even those it doesn't... As the Manager of the Brandin’ Iron, and now InCahoots San Diego , it has been my pleasure to have had Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys play on my stage! They are outstanding musicians and know how to get the crowd on their feet. They perform the best renditions of Chris LeDoux I've heard from ANY band! I would love to have them play here in San Diego!!” ”

Mike Stack

"If you ever get the chance to see Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys live.....DO IT! They rock!“

–Dave Amato, Lead Guitarist for REO Speedwagon

““Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys are a great band! Good cover choices and great originals too!””

Alex Weeden, Lead Guitarist for Miranda Lambert

"Whenever I'm in the So Cal area, I always check to see where Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys are playing. Always a good time, they are all great players with great tunes!"

Richard Fortus, Guns N Roses

"I love these guys. Great musicians and really good fun.”

Steve Stevens, Guitarist for Billy Idol

"Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys will kick your ass. They'll kick your ass and send you home. ……I've seen it happen. “

Jason “Slim” Gambill, Lead Guitarist for Lady Antebellum

“You guys are so good!! I expected u guys to be decent but yall really blew my mind away!! Keep up the great work!!!!!”

April Griffith

“The dixie playboys rocked out my birthday bash thank you guys you were awesome!!! ”

Sherry Crabtree Jarratt - Carson, Virginia

“‎Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys are absolutely the best country band around and they need everyone's support to continue to travel and do what they do best--sing country music!! If you've ever seen them perform I'm sure there's no disagreement there..if not, they play at Live Wires, Hooah's Sports Bar, and the Steel Horse all the time and would highly recommend going to see these guys!!! ”

Tracy Hackley - Prince George, VA.

“I only had time for the first set at Hoohas, but OH MY ! Now I will be looking for you again. You have both personality and talent and I want to hear and see more. ”

Sandra Sue Joy-luffsey - Chester, VA.

“Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys are one of THE best bands if NOT the best band we have heard come through Virginia!!!! Their shows are energetic and they keep the crowd going all night long! If Virginia needed a new sound and a new talent to keep the country music scene alive, they got it!!! Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys are the BEST!!!!”

Zuhir Idlbi - Owner, Livewires, Hopewell, VA.

"Chris Lozano & The Dixie Playboys are the best band that we have ever had in here! They are the most professional sounding band I have ever heard!!!

Hooters -Chester, VA

“I have had the pleasure of booking Chris and the Dixie Playboys for performances at the Hooah's Sports Grill where I am the General Manager. I can easily state that the band has provided an EXCELLENT experience to our guest each and everytime they have performed!!! The bands constant following has provided for great bar sales for our establishment and has also brought in newcomers!!!! It has been my sincere pleasure to partner with Chris Lozano and the Dixie Playboys and am delighted to recommend them for future events!”

Traci L. Hackley, General Manager, Comfort Inn & Suites and Hooah's Sports Grill

“ This is not a "garage band". These are professionals who let you know they take a lot of pride in their performance. The crowd is definitely entertained. This is a band that generates attention and upbeat attitude. Our nightly attendance has increased on the nights that Chris and the Dixie Playboys have been in. We can determine already at this point, That the band is an excellent crowd pleaser and well worth having them return for future performances. I would recomend Chris Lozano and The Dixie Playboys as an excellent Group to obtain for entertainment. They are professions, and give a memorable performance. ”

Mary Jo Burden, Operations Assistant, Regimental Club, Fort Lee, VA

“ “You and your band were PHENOMENAL yesterday. I hope you know how much the audience LOVED LOVED LOVED it. The Asst. City Manager came by the booth yesterday congratulating us on a great day and said they would be picking up your fee. Yay!!!.” ”

- Terry Rifkin, Dana Point City Council

““Chris is a showman, and that is evident from the moment he takes the stage. Chris delved into all of the songs that you would want to hear... and he performed them spectacularly. His show is very energetic and uplifting, and kept the crowd partying all night long.””

Cal-Country Magazine

““The afternoon we spent listening to your band and visiting with the nice people at Swallow’s Inn (completely unplanned!!!) was a nice break from a normally hectic pace. But more importantly, I wanted to compliment you on the quality musicians you have behind you and to wish you all the success that you obviously deserve.” -Don & Arlene Stocker Mission Viejo, CA ”

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