Chris LaVancher / Press

“LaVancher writes songs that tell stories of love among the ruins. His characters may not be from the highest rungs of society, but their feelings come through loud and clear. LaVancher’s guitar playing has the feel of the best acoustic blues, although it is not blues exactly. His folky tenor voice completes the package, and his songs really shine through.”

“His work speaks of love and loss, of dreams and schemes, all delivered from the heart-felt place of a keen observer of the human condition.”

Music in Melrose

“...if Warren Zevon went to the Johnny Cash ATM machine to pay his tab, one of those crisp twenties would have Chris's face on it.”

“A Chris LaVancher song sounds inevitable to your ear and what you know to be true if you've spent more than five minutes walking in the hemlocks, or a night or two in the best dive-bar in town ... His melodies are a rich blackberry patch, his stories, the smoke curling off a comfy campfire.”