Christopher Kaufman / Press

"... decisively gifted with a unique and individual voice. His self motivation is complete... he has assembled an astonishing catalogue of characteristic works all bristling with force, energy, as well as tender expressiveness."

Yehudi Wyner, composer

" Christopher’s music really takes my humble films up a notch. I’m always surprised and delighted by the original compositions he comes up with." "I Love Working with Christopher Kaufman! He is Brilliant. Best artistic experience of my life." "Chris is a great composer. He is very creative and professional, it was really a pleasure to work with Chris."

FIlm directors: Julian Overall, Veronica Caicedo, Eliana de Paolis

"I did not like new music before... I liked only Mozart and the others... but now I do!.. "We are all abuzz... we are electrified!..." "I loved the way you combined the performers and animal sounds as one music...especially the bear sounds..." "The moment the piece began I was transported and swept along..." "That was the most entertained I've ever been in my life!"

Audience members attending 'Chris Kaufman's Hudson Valley Music'

"Christopher Kaufman is one of the most talented composers I have ever taught... he is an exceptional talent in every way... he produces music at an almost alarming rate and most of it is awesomely good.."

Donald Erb, composer

"Kaufman knows how to combine sounds and visuals to make a convincing mix. Hudson Valley Quintet appealed to sophisticated and unsophisticated audiences alike."

Barbara Oldham, commissioner

"You are the 21st Century Nostradamus!"

Captain of the Salvation Army