Jamazon Cloud / Press

“Chris Jamison, through his reflective lyrics and genre-blending guitar playing, wants the music he writes to connect with people on a deep level.”

Kevin Krauskopf - st joseph news press

“These guys create wonderfully full sound that encompasses elements of psychedelia, searing guitar rock, funk, reggae, blues and general weirdness. To its credit the group doesn't sound like anyone else, but should appeal to jam band fans in general, especially those who like music with a raw, guttural, funk rock edge. (Blues Traveler fans take note)”

Too New To Be Known - Relix

“Jamison, as a guitarist, whether on electric, acoustic, or slide. sounds like the best of them.”

Bill Craig - The Glenwood Post

“They were damn good live.Scribbling a tangle of twisted grooves and haunting melodies, in complete control of riding the crowd.”

Mark Steele - Telluride Weekly Planet

“Sounds like a fabulous fusion of Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and Barry White. Yes, it's weird, but hell it's good!”

David Layton - RN

“Some people put on an act. Jamison is not. When on stage, the music and he are perfectly fused into a single entity.”

Sara Sifers - The I M Press Syndicate

“Hot Tuna's Pete Sears joins in for two nights of jammin'!”

Tamie Meck - The Glenwood Post