Chris Head and the Honchos / Press

“[Chris Head & the Honchos] meld sunny Americana with solid power pop sensibilities, which probably came through the clearest on a convincing, country fried rendition of Big Star's 'In the Street' . . . . Most of their set was originals, though, built on hooky songcraft and delivered with professional polish.”

"[#2 on the list of] Top 5 Local Southern Wisconsin CD's, 2012"

"This Milwaukee-area band builds country-rock earworms using songs by Drive-By Truckers, Big Star, and Cheap Trick as inspiration"

n/a - Isthmus

“There's enough twang here for the purest country lover and enough footstompin rock & roll for the rocker in you. Head . . . is a consummate musician and writer [and] . . . . is a storyteller that touches the listener both lyrically and musically. . . . The cool guitar parts and the excellent rhythm section . . . really bring these songs to life. . . . The pop feeling of Head's songs rings true to his roots. . . . One of my favorite CD's . . . in the past 6 months.”

“For Chris Head & the Honchos . . . the romantic aspirations of the group’s pop-rock complement the bittersweet sentimentality of their rootsy Americana. The name may suggest humor, but the music is much more serious . . . . Hard Truths delivers a mature aesthetic that could use an outside hand in the studio control booth to brighten the band’s engaging sound.”