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“You might call it the mark of a good songwriter – every song is different, but they somehow all sound like they were written by the same person. In this case, the person is Chris Grunwald ... Griz has been an understated fixture in Philly in recent years: Grunwald doesn’t loudly call attention to himself, but simply does what he does – plays shows, makes albums (most recently last year’s breezy The Secret in the Garden) and has steadily built a following around the Delaware Valley.”

“Griz – visited the WXPN studio with his four-piece band to record a session for The Key ... and for fans of the region’s thriving roots / Americana scene, it’s a doozy. Across six songs, Griz touches on bubbling reggae, sensual folk, breezy country and more”

“Culture Mob: Bands You May Have Missed Who Dropped Albums in 2011”

“Music Under Fire Top 10 Albums of 2011”

“WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Awards Nominee - Best Folk Artist (2011)”

WSTW Hometown Heroes

"The Secret in the Garden by Griz is heavy on excellent musicianship and a soulful Philly pedigree that is a delight..."

"Griz is everything a musician should be. An amazing writer, vocalist, instrumentalist, and performer with a gigantic repertoire. And he works his ass off. I'm very excited to work on the "producer's choice award" recording with him."

“Griz's lyrics have a socially conscious streak and a philosophical bent. Down with violence. Up with love.”

“His melodic folk-tinged tunes are warm, introspective works of self-discovery that gives a feeling of hope to its listeners.”

"Chris Griz Grunwald will ease your ears as you sip discount drinks"

Punch Media Blog

“Ryan Tennis covers "My Side of the Hill" at Turtle Studios for the Philly Sings Philly album and is the Under Cover track of the day on Helen Leicht's midday show (WXPN Philadelphia).”

"The man writes great tunes, and he's the winner of the 2011 Producer's Choice Award."

"Chris's music seems to effortlessly cross genres while still maintaining his unique, playful and unassumingly powerful voice...and his instrumental abilities make him a veritable one man band. I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with him in my studio."

Andrew Lipke - The Record Lounge

"Without Chris the Philadelphia music scene would be a dark and scary place."

Raphael Cutrufello (Hezekiah Jones)

"great voice, intelligent songwriting from all sorts of styles"


"The CD of his songs is in my car, and I listen to it all the time. Griz has a deft hand for melody and chord structure, his voice and lyrics have a rough, disarming honesty, and his groove is undeniable."

Ryan Tennis

“Chris Grunwald preformed a good solo set of music and I really liked what I heard.”

One Fan at a Time