Chris Gray / Press

“Very interactive with the crowd, funny, and by far the BEST concert I've ever been to!”

Scott Fin, Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates - AFE REVIEWS

“I like the crowd interaction, which is something I normally don't like, but there is something very genuine and sincere about Chris Gray. You can tell he loves people and truly enjoys entertaining. I also like the fact that you are all talented enough to play requests right on the spot. The crew really enjoyed themselves.”

LCDR J.D. Andrews, U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, CVN 76 (Persian Gulf) - AFE REVIEWS

“Chris Gray played great music, let everyone get involved and made sure everyone had a great time. I had a blast!”

Jerrod Armstrong, FOB Paliwada, Iraq - AFE REVIEWS

“That was the best concert I have ever seen in my life!! I hope I can see you back in the states!”

Chris Hudson, Camp Virginia, Kuwait - AFE REVIEWS

“Great show, awesome music, very fun and enjoyable. Bring him back, best USO show yet. Great musician!!......Great mix of music, lots of fun and very entertaining to watch the interaction with the crowd!”

Nicholas Walker, U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, CVN 76 (Persian Gulf) - AFE REVIEWS

“Great show put on by an awesome group of guys. Thanks so much for coming out here and lightening the mood for a day. Keep an eye on these guys - they're the real deal. The band took one break and Chris stayed on the stage entertaining while the rest of the guys took a breather. Thanks.”

PFC Rutgers, Camp Loyalty, Bagdad, Iraq - AFE REVIEWS

“Chris is an expert at picking up on the mood of the crowd and finding out specific details about them in order to interact and touch them emotionally. The audience was drawn to him and the other band members because of their great stage presence. One minute the crowd would erupt from impromptu humor and the next be silenced and in reflection from one of Chris' songs.”

CW5 Chris Pace, A.F.E. Coordinator, Iraq - AFE REVIEWS

“An absolutely outstanding group to work with. We certainly hope to provide Sound Reinforcement again in the future for this energized , crowd pleasing collection of musicians. If you haven't seen a Chris Gray Band show, you are definitely missing an action packed performance. These guys are the answer if you want Tour Level entertainment. PERIOD. ”

Jimmy B. CEO/Big River Productions - Reverbnation comments