Chris Floyd / Press

“I absolutely love your sound Chris!! An instant favorite!! Hope to get to see you play sometime.”

Jordan Danielsen - Artist

“cool performance lovely vocals excellent melodies respect to you”

Artist - Mydogisdead

“Hey Chris - "Dreamy Town" is incredible, what an instrumental, Pure musical Brilliance mate. I'll be visiting often to get my dose of Chris Floyd Music”

Attemp2 - Artist

“Some of the best Americana I have ever heard.”

Russ Ryne - Artist

“I've been spinning your tunes tonight and have become quite enamored of Build a Sanctuary for Your Soul. If somebody asked me for an example of a track with superior interplay between voice and instrumentation, I would wholeheartedly tell them just listen to this song, and you'll have all your answers. It's giving me some notions, really nice writing.”

Bingham Willoughby - Artist

“Gives Hiatt a run for his money!”

Scott Mathews - Record producer ( John Hiatt, Chuck Prophet, Rodney Crowell etc.

“Chris Floyd writes great songs both in musicality and lyrical quality. That is beyond doubt. 'For the love of the game' is proof he is here to stay.”

Valsum - Rootstime, Belgium

“I have been appreciating your music for quite some time.”

Chet Flippo - Nashville editor for Billboard magazine/ former senior editor of Rolling Stone.

“'For The Love Of The Game' is an impressive release. I was most impressed by the diversity of the various tracks and the ability to successfully present them.”

Patrick Arn - President - Gotham Records

“Nashville is full of out of this world top notch musicians and Chris Floyd made himself right at home.”

Rebecca Hosking - Songwriter/Travel writer

“Pat Branch, here in NYC…Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "Life " is a great song of yours and I became your fan.”

Pat Branch - Songwriter

“'Still the Sun' is my new favorite NEW song of yours!!!”

Ronny Criss - Singer/Songwriter

“Chris Floyd is a great American songwriter.”

Willie Dee Jay - Recording artist

“Finally got to sit down in Peace and quiet and listen to your cd, LOVE IT.”

Karen Stewart - Fan