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“Local singer-songwriter Chris Ezelle's record Monticello was one of the coolest surprises of this past spring, a somewhat experimental take on Americana that explored the murkiest corners of Southern folk and blues music. Back in March, we premiered the video for "The Loveless Cafe," a "weirdly eerie" song whose visual accompaniment was similarly unsettling. Below, watch another Monticello clip. This one's for "As Far As the Gas Can Go," a snail-paced dirge from the album. It's a highly surreal, black-and-white affair.”

“Monticello-Album Review-Part 2 "The Loveless Cafe," a weirdly beautiful tune, features the album's most stream-of-consciousness lyricism: Ezelle gruffly recounting times spent shooting television sets with Elvis ("'cause nothing's ever on") and such; his imagery here is vivid, visceral, alive. Some of the best moments on the album are nearly imperceptible—the brief tape-reverse that opens "Black Cat Bones"; the unexpectedly bluesy walkdown that closes "As Far as the Gas Will Go." "It's always raining/ Every time that I go/ To Monticello," Ezelle observes on the title track. These small happenings form the base of a record that lives in and for the truths that most of us miss, the stuff that goes on all around us, even if we don't really notice. 4 out of 5.”

“Monticello-Album Review-Part 1 "Instead of ashes/ We are made of stars/ We're fireflies/ In the Mason jars," sings Chris Ezelle on "Birdcage," the slow-rolling second tune on his new LP, Monticello. The local singer-songwriter fuses Southern blues wandering with avant-folk experimentation, and the result is singular. Every windswept word Ezelle utters seems to come from some half-materialized, dreamlike place; it doesn't call to mind other music so much as a certain metaphysical-yet-humanist brand of cinema (Terrance Malick might spin Monticello on repeat). Ezelle's music is at once ethereal and corporeal, existing in that space where heavenly bodies meet human ones. Sometimes, his love of repetition creates a static atmosphere; "A Storm Brewing" is a nice idea that doesn't quite pan out.”

“Chris Ezelle's new album Monticello finally comes out Apr. 1. The 12-track album will run you a mere five bucks via PayPal, and you'll be able to stream it via reverbnation.com/chrisezelle…”

“Flagpole Premieres: Chris Ezelle, "The Loveless Cafe" Video By Gabe Vodicka Welcome to Flagpole Premieres, where we debut exclusive material from local artists. Local blues explorer Chris Ezelle continues to tease his upcoming album Monticello with a slow, steady IV drip. Track by track, Ezelle's weather-damaged folk songs roll in like one summer storm after another, hinting at what should be a terrific final product. Don't sleep on this dude. Below, watch the exclusive Flagpole premiere of the video for "The Loveless Cafe," a vaguely narrative-driven and weirdly eerie tune featuring muted, major-chord guitar and Ezelle's raspy, halting lyrical delivery. The clip, a painfully slow-mo shot of Bourbon Street revelry, ingeniously reflects the song's good-times-gone-bad vibe. http://youtu.be/5l9TRKUAy0c ”

“Bleep Bloop: You know, I'm all for people doing what they want to do and taking their talent in any direction they'd like. But I'm also a really big fan of people sticking to what they do best. So, it's with tenuous enthusiasm that I wanna tell y'all about the crazy side project of blues dude Chris Ezelle called DJ EZE, where he dips his toe into electronic music and beat production. As an unabashed fan of dance music and electronic experimentation in general, I applaud that Ezelle is trying his hand at this stuff, but overall, his album, Part Robot—If I Was a DJ, is really hit and miss. A couple of tracks ("Robot and the Damaged Trust," "Robot Sockhop") are pretty cool, though, and worth the time. It's something that could've been an OK single, but an album just seems too much at this early juncture. Check it out for yourself.”

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“Brave New World: Blues-er Chris Ezelle just released a new smartphone app via the free development software available from Conduit. It's a pretty simple affair (mp3s, links, calendar, etc.) but seems like a light-footprint way to keep a band's info in the hands of even its most casual fans. Check mobile.conduit.com for more info. In other news, Ezelle is promoting his upcoming full-length. Monticello comes out in April, when it will be available to stream for free and purchase for $5 (if you purchase through PayPal, you'll receive two bonus tracks). The title track and first single was released this past month—stream it via soundcloud.com/chris-ezelle, and keep an eye out for the music video, which drops Jan. 15. Anything else you need to know? Check reverbnation.com/chrisezelle and carry on.”

“Chris Ezelle has a new video out (at vimeo.com/chrisezelle) for his song “The Spooky Collector”...”

“Le Sigh: Chris Ezelle is still steadily and diligently releasing singles from his album, Summertime Bleeding Heart. The newest one from the gently gruff-voiced Ezelle is “Rosary from New Orleans,” and it's one of those songs you can only really hear at 4 a.m., because the noise of your day will totally obscure the subtle, hollow—which, in this case, is decidedly distinct from empty—sadness and resignation of the tune. I'd have probably missed everything in it if I'd tried to listen while the sun was still up. Stay up late and dig it over at www.vimeo.com/chrisezelle.”

“Ezelle's new album is full of raw, unpolished tunes and that is the way he intended for it to be. The genre of raw blues/folk/country is one that is meant to give the listener the feel of sitting in an old country store and listening to whomever brought their guitar to pick. Ezelle's vocals sound very similar to a mixture between Bob Dylan and John McCauley of Deer Tick, and that's definitely not a bad thing. The album has an overall dark theme about the fight/struggle with the hardships of family, religion and self.”

“Alone in Springtime: The long-suffering, or at least long-performing, Chris Ezelle released his newest album this week. The 10-track digital download, titled Summertime Bleeding Heart, is yours for the taking over at www.reverbnation.com/chrisezelle. Most of the material here follows the same path Ezelle has been paving for the past few years (i.e., solo acoustic country-folk-blues), and, because of this, some of it can sound rote and laborious, but there are at least a few inspired moments here. Especially notable is the painfully tender “Rosary from New Orleans,” which closes out the record.”

“Chris Ezelle's album Summertime Bleeding Heart won't be out until Apr. 1, but he released a video for the track "Going Back" last week. For more info, see www.reverbnation.com/chrisezelle...”

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“Blues in Your Springtime: Blues singer Chris Ezelle has a new album, In The Dark Water, available to stream and download over at www.reverbnation.com.chrisezelle. Ezelle describes the album as "delta blues, whiskey-colored country and Southern gothic hope." Ezelle has been at this a long time and seems to have finally solidified his sound into exactly what he's been seeking. Go check him out and check this space from more Ezelle new as it happens.”

“Rainy Day Women: Folky Blues wailer Chris Ezelle has a new video out for his track "Goodnight Girl," which will appear on the upcoming release In The Dark Water, due out in April. You can watch it over at www.youtube.com/chrisezelle.”

“All Points Covered: Chris Ezelle (ex-We Are the Gold Machine) has a new video for his song "7 in tha Mornin' Blues." The track is from his album This Ten Year Town, which he released a few months ago. You can see the clip for the slow-paced, bluesy number over at www.reverbnation.com.chrisezelle. I can't really make out a narrative in the video, but it does prominently feature railroad tracks, and it's the law of the blues that you must mention the devil, whiskey, a real mean woman, an evil dog or something to do with trains if you're gonna be a real blues singer. So, for now, Ezelle if covered.”

“Watch Something: Local blues traveler Chris Ezelle has a new video available for viewing for his song "Devil's Underneath." The track is from Ezelle's upcoming album, This Ten Year Town, to be released in August. Ezelle has turned up the blues knob on these acoustic tunes way up this time around, and his voice has more of a pronounced, nasally quality than his previous recordings. At least, I notice it more now. Check out the tunes and video over at www.reverbnation.com/chrisezelle.”

“Demo Mania: A couple of notable demos from local bands have come my way over the past several weeks, and here's the scoop on them. Former bandmates Jonathan Potter (ex-Soundtrack Mind) and Chris Ezelle have formed Angel Wings, and the 10-track disc they slipped me displays a sound similar at times to a harder, rougher-edged Belle & Sebastian, and at other times they sound like a basement-dwelling Sebadoh. It's all very good.”

“Gold Rush: Chris Ezelle, who used to perform under the moniker We Are the Gold Machine, is just going it alone these days. A batch of his clearly-Dylan-inpsired tunes are now available for free online. Before downloading, though, you can watch videos, listen to song samples, etc. You know, really get to know the music before you make the commitment it takes to right click and save. Visit www.reverbnation.com/chrisezelle to view and download.”

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“Lineup: Chris Ezelle. Influences: Dylan, Lightnin' Hopkins, Jimmy Reed and John Lee Hooker. Here's another new solo act that's made some great strides in Athens recently. Chris Ezelle, originally from Macon,GA, has a striking voice with a unique tone-it's not quite as nasal as Dylan, but it's still lilting and almost frail compared to the husky rasp that dominates whiskey-soaked blues. And while the vocals sound young and sheepish, the tales he shares and weary and weighted with emotion. Tracks like the mournful "Dust & Dirt" honor the Southern gothic tradition as they're seeped in darkness and blood. You can download the new album The Sundown Motel in its entirety from www.myspace.com.wearethegoldmachine. Next Show: June 5 @40 Watt Club”

“Better Set Your House in Order: In 2001 Chris Ezelle moved to Athens from Macon. Between then and now he has played his blend of folky, country blues under the name of We Are the Gold Machine. Personally, I'm more of a fan of his slower, more desolate tunes, but overall I'm quite impressed with his seemingly extensive knowledge of the form. He doesn't play in an academic, learned style, bit with a hand-hewn, callous-worn familiarity. There are many songs available for streaming plus links to free downloads at www.myspace.com/wearethegoldmachine. He next plays locally at Little Kings on Friday, May 15 and, yes, this is a recommendation.”