Chris Edwards / Press

"In Chris Edwards’ corner of the Texas singer/songwriter world, subtlety trumps bravado, a twangy near-whisper suits the job better than a rebel yell, and above all the lyric is king. Not one to waste words, Edwards’ eye for detail and grasp of full-grown emotion puts him around a decade ahead of the curve as a young songwriter, taking old feelings of romance, heartbreak, and dislocation then putting them in a new light with thoughtful phrasing and measured delivery."

Mike Ethan Messick - singer/songwriter/journalist/genius

"You find yourself paused in the moment listening to his music, remembering a time in your life he's written about. Chris' music deserves intense listening during the times you don't share, his songwriting is that good. The songs tell stories of life, and are to be remembered. So...grab a comfy seat, kick back with an adult beverage if you can, watch the sweat slowly drip down the side of the bottle or glass and listen, really listen to what Chris has to say in the words and the music. You won't be disappointed where the works will take you. A definite thumbs up on this young artist from Nacogdoches, Texas! Contact Chris and grab a copy of his new release "The Winter Garden"."

"Chris is constantly working on his craft and it shows."

"I’m always a big fan of soul searching in a song, so I really like this guy’s style."

"Soulful...one of the finest songwriters around!"

Jeremy Reagan


Sabrina in Elgin - at the Art Walk

"(Edwards') lyrics are great in imagery and tug at heart, mind and soul."

Patricia Spork - Sporkette Gazette

"Edwards is a song writer... cares more about writing a good song that tells a story, makes a statement or both than going for a particular sound or trend."

The Daily Sentinel

"A Song Yet to be Sung" is a perfectly written song.

a patron of the Bugle Boy - The Bugle Boy in La Grange

"Long Hard Ride" is amazing.

Alejandro Medina - Myspace entry