Chris Dupont / Press

“Dupont’s classical training and performing arts education have given him a solid musical foundation, clearly evident in the way he creates melodies that stick and songs that are pleasing to the ear. “Anxious Animal” is a terrific showcase for Dupont’s soulful, affecting voice and thoughtful song arrangements. . .”

“Chris Dupont is not only a gifted songwriter and musician, but also a collector of other talented performers who often join him on stage. His magnetic personality also draws enthusiastic loyal audiences. All of his events at The Common Cup Coffeehouse have been tremendously successful.”

Michelle Armbruster - Common Cup Cafe, Ann Arbor

“Dupont has since carved a niche recording in such unusual spaces as stairwells, theaters, and abandoned barns. His album “Lay No Claim” features beats made entirely of “found sounds,” like stomping noises and breaking objects. His followup, “Anxious Animal,” is more organic, complete with violin and cello.”

“Chris Dupont, a senior performing arts technology major with a composition emphasis, is releasing an album this summer with his band, comprised of SMTD students. A singer/songwriter who essentially plays modern folk strongly influenced by ambient music, Dupont’s new album uses on-location recordings captured in beautiful and unusual acoustic spaces around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, such as theatres and cathedrals.”