Chris Dunnett / Press

"Mr. Dunnett plays his instrument with incredible passion. His style is fiery and rhythmic but often can be seductive and mysterious. El Samuraichi will give the listener the complete musical experience."

The New World Buzz

"Featuring fiery, melodic, acoustic music which blends styles such as flamenco, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Latin and neo-classical, Chris Dunnett’s CD El Samuraichi is a world music guitar treat. Mood-driven and musically captivating, the songs take you to places such as old New Mexico and Morocco, and also give the feeling of numerous cantinas and marketplaces in Latin America. The strongest musical influence may perhaps be flamenco, but Dunnett uses his imagination, skill and knowledge of other styles to give the songs a personal touch. The energy level of the ten instrumental tracks is consistently high, a bonus on lyrically melodic material. Fans of artists such as Strunz & Farah and Ottmar Liebert will warm up to Dunnett’s music immediately - however, all acoustic and world music aficionados need to pay attention to this artist’s work."

Guitar Nine Records

"I’ve always been inspired and left in complete awe at the speed and agility of a good Flamenco guitar player. Chris Dunnett takes that captivating appeal and kicks it up a few levels on this album. His virtuosity on the guitar is absolutely jaw-dropping. I could listen for hours to this album, and have. The music is sad, yet uplifting. It’s honest, yet very complex. I just loved it. I kept finding myself drifting into a sort of music invoked trance. I was just amazed at how this music had the ability to grab a hold of me and capture my mind like it did. If that’s not the sign of great music, then I don’t know what is. I can’t imagine a better Flamenco guitar album. This album truly has everything I expected, and then some. I can honestly say that this is one of those rare occasions when I felt honored to do a review."

The Global Muse

“’You can’t do much better than the latest release from guitarist Chris Dunnett. El Samuraichi is a collection of 10 songs that can’t be pigeonholed into one genre”

Ohio Magazine

"Chris has always kept in touch with me over the years, keeping me up-to-date on his guitar playing activities. He is, and has always been, a conscientious lover of all things related to the guitar, and it’s great to see him taking his love affair public."

Rik Emmett

“Chris Dunnett El Samuraichi. Flamenco- and classical-flavored originals delivered by a fleet-fingered master technician with a flair for melody and composition. ”

Guitar Player Magazine