Chris Davies / Press

“Well, for once I am totally speechless, which isn't often may I say, your "Contract" is totally brillant !! I was even in tears at the end... I just hope that some huge musical director takes this on!!!”

“I do enjoy your music. You're blessed with an amazing voice”

“Your music is music from the heart... u rock man!!!”

“You have a really great voice and I love the songs!”

“Yeah Mate like the music it is Rich and has a lovely thread to it...I've just had a quick listen but it sounds like you have some good players/musicians on your tracks..I'm going to have another listen mate.”

“I love it Chris! I Am A Music Man is my fav then Girl Like You, and Now I Love You So are tied with second!”

“Must say i adore the track "Love And Truth". Absolute fantastic listening material. Enjoy i did..very much”

“I have been enjoying your music all morning. Your timing is great. your songs echo what is going on in my head and thus my life right now....Your works are great!”

“Actually your voice is beautiful and touching. Good luck for u and your music!”

“Hi Chris, had a good listen to your songs, very good, though not what I usually listen to but well recorded too.”

“Very nice music. Thanks for sharing.”

“Who are you?”