Chris Compton / Press

“This singer/songwriter produces canny points of reference in songs such as the springy “Girls in Boys Clothes." Compton’s alt-folk is a contrast to frequently mundane singer-songwriter fare. ”

Otis Taylor - The State News Paper

“Chris Compton adores the marriage of words with melody while playing a wide array of instruments on his recordings in the studio. But one thing that seems to flummox the poet turned musician is talking about himself. He'd much rather discuss how he's inspired by the universality of all that music conveys. RockOm's featured track this week is Chris' song "Friends" - an instantly infectious reflection written about a fellow musician whose life was cut short by cancer.”

Trevor Dardin - RockOm.net

“Compton is one of Columbia’s great, enigmatic singer-songwriters. In contrast to any number of conventional folk singers, Compton rarely relies on traditional structures or typical subject matter. Instead, melody-heavy guitar playing and a tendency toward unorthodox song structures prevail. Think Badly Drawn Boy and Harry Nilsson mixed with some indie rock band from the ’90s that you’ve never heard of.”

“Donovan Leitch meets Damon Gough in Compton’s colorfully creative approach to traditional singer/songwriter fare. A man of ideas, Compton is clearly not afraid to abandon his comfort zone — assuming he’s even got one — for the sake of song. He avoids pigeonholing by allowing each composition to take on its own persona. As a songwriter, Compton forces nothing and allows these songs to take him wherever they may. It’s fearless, and it’s made him one of Columbia’s finest.”

K Langston - The Free Times