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Songs on this site are Chris Columby as a solo artist, playing all instruments on most tracks.Special thanks: Nuc Solazzo, Rick Bozzo, Jamio-Bass. Simon Lewis & Nuc for Keys & last but not least, Jeff (stick) Davis - Bass & Gary Harp-Drums on Sittin' on Top of the World but the other tunes, 100% was just me, alone in the middle of the Nite/day!
Some Bands I played for include: Cynics, SteelHeadBand, Bill Haley's Comets, Gandalf, Muscle, River City Funk Band, Sargent Rocks, Cletus Hanes, Lester Fiester, Entourage, Rock Doctors, Columbo-Bozzo-Davis, Touch Of Grey,,, In LA , Sound of Expertise, ,Entourage, Columbo, Bozzo & Davis, Troy II , and 40 others I forgot the names of!
"The Grayz" or "The Amazing Root Doctors" or"Call Us What You Want" - may end up with " Band From US" since I may be moving somewhere else in the world. I do need a break from branded constant insanity of the Heart of the Jungle, lush beautiful mid west ,south etc.! - " yea " Band From US" featuring - me & Bass and Drums as available.
Since I'm now in the L.A. Area maybe I can find some hip rhythm section but I'm a little unsure with the deserted condition of the stage fright city.

The band a trio,(or 4) I have well over a hundred songs to choosefrom It's never going to be played the same way at any nite and that's what keeps it fresh and exciting. Where is any one? Musicians I mean! It used to be buzzin' , now nothing , wha
The crowd always seem to have a good time, whatever age. It's a fun gig!
or http://www.reverbnation.com/chriscolumby
http:;/ www. showcaseyourmusic.com/chriscolumby
Also available for sale or Download at CD Baby.com/ rockdoctors
or CDbaby.com/columby or Cdbaby.com/ccolumby. -
There are 3 Albums and a Steel Head Band song available. on Cd Baby.

It seems the only way I can get any gigs is for Someone to Recommend me as a Trio called, ,,Whatever you want,,,
" Band from US" may be the next "flash in the pan"
" US "as in a Trio with a Pro Bass and Drums. Songs are Classic rock, Blues, Jazzy (modern), Hendrix, Cream, Beatles, Stones, Some rare stuff like Steely Dan, Brian Ferry, Sting, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Savoy Brown,,etc, maybe 200 + songs that other bands rarely do, so many tunes to choose from and will play requests, even if you are joking!

We(I)aim to please! Lift your spirits, Excite you, Make you smile! There is only one way to get 45 or more years of experience, I love to play with great musicians , if they let me, it's so easy, can't give it up. I know everyone has bad luck stories. I still try to Play everyday, Learn everyday, Sing out some days, as if there is an audience! Either way, it's been with me longer than anyone or anything. It's been good to me. They say what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger. I don't know but I'll probably still play after I'm long gone! That's what it is! dead Down! Every Town I've Been Around, Makin' Sounds like Musical Clowns! It's a Mystery where I'm Bound to be up or Down, Down on the ground , I real , real Down, Baby! and everyone I know is so.
Oh yes , I try to forgot about L A and building a couple of Studios. " Starworks" and Audioworks " ( till the bad corp. guys did there thing.) At least I did get to work, Recording over 200 Artists like Sly Stone, Gerald Albright, Johnny Graham of Earth, Wind & Fire, Bushmenm, Frida Payne, Hunt Sales, Kenny St. Louis, Redbone, War, K. Presley,, and a lot many others, Over 1000 songs . Also had a Studio in my house in Nashville for about 10 years while watching out for my aging mother till she passed. May God rest her Soul.
I then tried to go back to L.A. but I couldn't find it ! It seemed it was gone ! Everybody I knew had moved, retired or died ! so back to where I was born and raised only to find everyone had done the same thing. So thinking of moving to Europe, maybe Poland since I speak the language and I hear they are really into Music and Arts ,, appreciate it more than Americans do. and Great Britain , Since I also speak that Language!. Maybe Spain, Greece , South America, France, Amsterdam , of course! May be my last chance to try. Maybe they won't rob and destroy me as they did in mid America! Sad place! Thanks to all cool & who know me and care ! I'm sure you can understand ! No more cheeks to turn, Enough is more than enough! I get it ! They didn't even allow boy/girl marriage. They just teach Hate everybody! So what's wrong with that in the Mid? I get sick, I was rated # 1 and couldn't get a gig anymore. I was told by a friend that I make good ole boys look bad! Hardly a compliment kick. I respect any musician that at least tries. But threats feel a bit insulting & humiliating. I was taught to work hard for anything I got. Hit by half a dozen burglaries and assaults. I would have rather given it all away. At least they might be grateful. A crime to be a "catlicker" immigrant son, musician! I can't wait till Judgment day! I just wanted love, but was born in the wrong place! unknown secrets. I want to forget. I'm old and every minute is precious! What? retire? Because of the web, only wealthy are allowed to be musicians. The Radio already hurts! When everyone plays guitar, it's no longer a thrill. Everyone get's their 15 minutes and $15. Only 1 in 20,000 can make it.
I may have about 10 more spins around the sun to get back on my God given and intended path,
I Just packed and came back to L.A. I love L.A., but where is everybody?
Must find work, Where did all musicians go? Maybe It's me , a jerk, or ?
I am looking for a Good Bass & Drummer in the LA area or a cool Band that could use me!
I seem to do my best in front of thousands of people. If YOU, are a seasoned musician or an honest MANAGER/AGENT willing to, please contact me at ccolumby@att.net

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Chris Columby, Joe Daugherty(drum) of GrassRoots, Jeff "stick" Davis(bass). Now that I'm in LA, I Need an LA Bass & Drummer !
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Chris Columby
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World / Classic Rock, Blues /Jazz / Blues - Jazz, Alternative

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Los Angeles, CA
. Managers Died, Position open Interested Agent or Management, contact me. 818-270-1012

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