Chris Castle / Press

"Chris Castle sings his unique songs of depth and beauty with a voice well textured by life's experiences."

Tommy Ramone (the Ramones, Uncle Monk)

"The Firelands EP will most certainly leave you wanting more. This is a super polished and complete product..."

"A broken 'cotton leather pouch bucket guitarist' — that’s folk for genius..."

“Packed full of imagery and interesting chord progressions... all layered over some close harmonies and rhythms that are sometimes textbook country, sometimes a little more funky.”

Kim Ruehl - No Depression

"A tunesmith of almost scary vision, narrative acumen and hooky instinct... writing songs is utterly programmed into his DNA"

"A rising Americana stand-out."

Folk Alley - folkalley.com

"Hollow Bones in Monotone was the best Folk album of 2007. The Drenched Earth Tour was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life."

Shawn Henderson - 106.1 fm WSCA

"An authentic connection to the world-weary soul of American roots music."

Jim Vickers - Cleveland Magazine

"His songs are so well-written, they never seem sparse, despite their minimal production."

Jeff Niesel - The Cleveland Free Times

"From the opening strains of 'Fields of Stone' to the picturesque set-stealer 'Both Ends of a Gun', there just isn't a bad cut on the disc."

Peter Chakerian - Cool Cleveland