Chris Brown / Press

“Many of his songs talk about the good ole days, but he is also capable of singing about more personal topics, and of telling heartbreaking stories. He has a gift for expression, and if he ever were to write prose I for one would love to read it. If it were to even come close to the quality of music it would be remarkable.”

“Check out this link to see the interview and songs! http://www.app.com/VideoNetwork/2016315472001/Chris-Brown-in-the-66-Sessions-12-7-12-”

“With his impressive ability to sing out a captivating story and his seemingly endless amount of life experiences from which to draw on, Brown possesses the rare ability to bring together fans of multiple genres, from folk to punk to rock to indie. Give his EP a listen – you’ll be pouring out shots of whiskey and singing along before long.”

"This is the type of guy that I would love to listen to in a pub when I am drinking Guinness." - Round Table Review

“This Chris Brown, not to be confused with a more well known R&B/hip-hop artist, had all the elements of a good singer/songwriter...Excellent voice with lots of range, and catchy songs to go with it."”