Chris Aguayo / Press

“Just a quick message of thanks for the incredible performance last night. You really brought the noise. I absolutely loved how you got your friends involved with the singing, too...I know firsthand it's not easy being a musician - so most importantly, keep up the incredible work! You rock!”

"He is a uniquely talented songrwiter" -Eve Tannery (WFMZ)

“Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present, Chris Aguayo, this artist is a real joy to listen to, his songs fluxuate between alternative, and rock, Chris has a few songs that are a great mix that he is able to provide to the listener.”

"He plays everything you hear on his recordings, and impressively the songs do not sound disjointed at all. In fact, until I read that he played everything himself I would have sworn it was a full band. Everything flows well and sounds great."

"Great new song! Your music has a retro feel while still sounding current. Excellent work!"