Chotchke / Press

"Art rock kicked ass in San Francisco in the early '90's, as it does today...Chotchke was the peer that went unrecognized for too long. The group specialized in insinuating, low-key, and precocious bassoon-supplemented art pop..."

Josh Wilson - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"CHOTCHKE, the founders of Bassooncore in S.F. in 1993 were forced to disband in 1998 and have since been tracked down to the four corners of the globe...If you missed the last time to see Chotchke for the last time, then this is the last time to see Chotchke for the last time..."

Listing for the 7th Annual Mission Creek Music Festival, SF, CA

"...(a) knack for crafting oddly-angled, off-kilter pop tunes that are by turns playful then sinister, obnoxious then sublime."

Kathy Malloy - SNIPEHUNT

"...completely engaging on stage, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, heckling the audience and each other between songs, then laying down one loopy melody after another."

Kathy Malloy - SNIPEHUNT