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“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html New ThIs Week The Dawn Chose Orion Kaledon We Butter The Bread With Butter Eric Baule Emerald Sun Jungle Rot Elder Walking With Strangers Cradle Of Filth Sinister Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show Thy Art Is Murder August Burns Red Thobbe Englund Eskimo Callboy Hellshot I Am The Liquor Next To None Kingcrow Diamond Dogs Manilla Road Senses Fail Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth have a great weekend!!!”


“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html This week Gautama,Extermination Zone,Screams Of Hate,Corpus Mortale,Erimha,The Forsaken,Crown The Empire,The Word Alive,Within Patterns,Darkest,Mortal Treason,Channel Zero,Ominous,Quake,Hate,Mortal Decay,Imperial Crystalline Entombment,Entombed,Magica,Killswitch Engage,Cantabile Wind,Dark Fortress,Sons Of Merrick,Septicflesh,Volumes,Forsaken,And The Haunted.Keep The Metal Music Nation Head Banging Metal Heads!!!”

“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html This week Mayhem,Voyager,Kamelot,Coat Of Arms,Christian Mistress,Of Mice And Men,We, The Defined,Godflesh,In Dying Arms,Broken Hope,Honour Crest,Equilibrium,TMFSE,Illidiance,Professor Anarchy,Evergrey,The Amity Affliction,Pale Divine,Battle Beast,Death Vomit,Wade Wilson,Raymond Strife,Imminent Annihilation,Hellyeah,Miss May I,Phinehas,Appalachian Terror Unit,The Atlas Moth,Beast,Acid Witch,Sarke,Biohazard,Bodyfarm,And Portrait.Hey Metal Heads Doom in June is this weekend 6th & 7th at the Cheyenne Saloon so Get your Metal fix on Metal heads!!!”


“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html This week Deathstars,Six Feet Under,Dj Dimes Kill Trend Radio Show,Gus G.,Eye Of The Enemy,Alaya,Avatarium,Judas Priest,Unheilig,Whitechapel,Girl On Fire,Madball,Equilibrium,Alien,And Aurora Borealis.Metal Music Listeners Come Get Your Head Bangging On!!!”

Mtd productions

“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html This week Whitechapel,Attackhead,Ogre,Beneath,The Graviators,Adestria,Edguy,Devil You Know,Slomatics,Blood Red Throne,Lake of Tears,Aborted,Upon This Dawning,Teitanblood,Lord Mantis,Megadeth,Miss May I,Insomnium,Saliva,Autopsy,Mekong Delta,Agrimonia,Helstar,Holy Moses,Exorcizer,And Volume IV have a killer weekend Metal Music Fans Crank Up The Volume!!!”

“Booking for shows: JJ's Showroom Live Music,ComedyTroupes,And More Venue 953 E Sahara Ave B-30 Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 742-4171 (702) 893-0095 Seven Days A Week 2:00 pm – 2:00 am”

JJ's Showroomn

“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html this week Assuming We Survive,DevilDriver,Amaranthe,Nausea,Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals,Legion Of The Damned,PowerWorld,Ulcerate.Reflections,Sacred Mother Tongue,Bring Me The Horizon,Gorguts,Mutiny Within,Russian Circles,Defeated Sanity,Killswitch Engage,Morne,Days Of Anger,Rings Of Saturn,The Dillinger Escape Plan,Autopsy,Annihilator,Byzantine,Bleed The Man,Hatebreed,Pelican,And Cult Of Fire.Local Bands the rehearsal rooms now have a club for bands to play both all age & 21 +,and working on a sandwichshop all in the same building you can stop by any time to check it out between 2pm and 6pm daily.953 suites 30 &31 in the commercial center sorry for the late playlist been painting at the club!!!”

“hey i have a few reheasal rooms for rent hrly and monthly let me know if you know any bands that can use a room near Sam Ash Music .Also chops is doing his show Sin City Sounds again so if interested in being on the show bands or entertainers call me or text 702 742 4171 or email me at chopswalka@gmail.com thanks Chopswalka Chops911.com Metal Music 4U!!! Chops911.com.Tv”

“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html Chops911.com proudly presents Dj Andrew The Axe Man And The Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show every sunday night 8pm est, 5pm western time.This week #9 In the playlist check it out Metal Music Fans !!!”

“http://www.chops911.com/music/playlist.html Check out The MetalAuthority Of Dj DiMeS Super Heavy Metal Show Two In the playlist at # 10 Crank Up The Killer Tunes Metal Heads!!!”

“https://new.myspace.com/chopswalka hey friends check it out if you have join friends,fans,and bands, click here and”


“You Rock!”