Chocolate Revolution / Press

"Chocolate Revolution is a powerful R&B/Soul band from Chula Vista that plays with the heart of its people. The vocals of David Grant are truly signature. Engaging. The latin drumming of Israel Arevalo spices it up and the sweet sounds of Gabriel La Blanc's Gretch set the tone. These guys have been in our Top 10 bands for over a year now. Every song is better than half the music on current R&B stations." SDMusicTV host Joseph Stevens.

SDMusicTV - Chocolate Revolution live at 710 Beach club

"They are a premier RB/Soul trio with a signature sound style, sound and presence. Every song sounds like it Top 40 hit on the R&B charts. David Grant dazzles on vocals. Primo kills it three kinds of percussion. Gabriel Le Blanc drops in smooth guitar to tie it all together." -Joe Stevens (So Cal Showcase)