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“Onwards to more new music from the delightful Chocolate Love Factory. Motivator, out now, is a fine raucous yet poppy fuzz-groover from the Belfast-based trio, featuring plenty of throat-raping melodic screaming a la Kurt Cobain from singer/guitarist Rory Dee.”

David Roy - The Irish News

“A heady cocktail of low slung garage rock sleaze, planet sized fuzzy riffs and punk rock snottiness. 'Motivator' is the newest single by the guitar raping trio, and it's nothing short of a monster. Produced with a slightly more mainstream sensibility than tracks off the band's 'Octavia' EP, 'Motivator' sidles up to you in a relatively poppy fashion, possibly to throw various law enforcement off their case, with a hooky, almost pop-rock riff welded to a breezy vocal line, before pulling a fast one on you and exploding in one of the band's trademark shit fits, guitars pushed too hard, bass over distorted, vocals far too cheerily demented for comfort. It's a rare thing these days to find a band who rock this hard and still find time to write a hook that gets stuck in your cranium for days, and days... Stylistically the band put one in mind of grunge godfathers Mudhoney smoking a skinny, skanky spliff out the back with Swedish titans Truckfighters.”

“Easily one of the weekend’s more crushing performances, riffmasters general Chocolate Love Factory (above) tear through desert grooves and whiplash-inducing throwdowns such as ‘Rat Bag’, ‘Coral Lady’ and the unapologetically devastating ‘Octavia’.”

“Three-piece desert-prog conjurers Chocolate Love Factory defy what seems like acoustified protocol by unleashing their rampaging groove. Starting on a relatively new song, the riff-infested ‘Octavia’ and the chugging ‘Ratbag’, it’s a thoroughly kick-ass transformation of sentiment from the word go. (Live Review - Black Box - 3/11/11)”

“The trio's current single Coral Lady is a thick creamy slice of prog grunge with a crumbly desert rock crust. If it were alive, it would be a big wailing, marauding beast of a thing that you'd have to shoot with an elephant gun to put down. Laced with widdy-widdly guitars, cooing backing vocals and a 'majestic' middle-eastern rock vibe that's somewhere between Kashmir and Innuendo by Queen, Coral Lady underlines that fact that Chocolate Love Factory make one hell of an Earth-shaking racket for a three-piece.”

David Roy - Irish News

“In a set encompassing impossibly tight, blistering grooves, the force and intensity of this band is a genuine sight to behold. (Live Review - Menagerie - 19/08/11)”

“Steeped in dark, desert grooves, there are times during ‘Coral Lady’ where the young Belfast trio could have easily sprung out of the Rancho De La Luna heartland. Wasting no time in capitalising on the underground success of March’s ‘Rat Bag/Texty Texty’ single, this lengthy, loose-limbed assault, combines the explosive, out-of-nowhere art-punk of the Mars Volta with the soaring highs of Songs For The Deaf. Yummy”

Chybucca Sounds

“The Belfast-based band’s sound is as devilish as their sense of humour. ‘Rat Bag‘ sounds like snorting ”Songs For The Deaf‘ in one savage line and rampaging through the streets of Botanic with distortion pedals for shoes. Queens on coke, for the shorter quote.”

"Combining the melodic sensibilities of perennial college-rockers the Pixies, the flat-out rock of Queens of the Stone Age and vocals that fall somewhere between the ethereality of Elliott Smith and Stephen Malkmus' tongue-in-cheek humour (though never at our expense), Chocolate Love Factory are one of the freshest and most exciting sounds in the local scene. They are big and they are clever."

Tomás Campbell - AO Publications

"Chocolate Love Factory play a mix of hard rock, a little desert, a little funky and grungy."

Bill Goodman - The Soda Shop

"A three-piece with a diverse style – hard rock leaning towards prog with some funky grunge thrown in for good measure. And of course, all the tongue lashing and pulling faces really does it for me."

Jonny Philpott - Music Link NI

“Fupping mintier than an after eight.”

Matt Alexander Patton - Pavelware.com