chipko / Press

“Chipko come from Hamburg and offer this to 100% in-house resulting CD-R EP of four songs that turned out surprisingly well. The songs were perfectly recorded in the studio and have a good and unusual layout. Musically, you can hear that the roots of the four folx of Chipko lie in punk, hardcore, but also in rap and jazz. That's naturally a complex mixture that is both accessible on the one hand, but still not that digestible, it is pretty melodic and atonal. Somewhere between Hamburg's school and old school Emo.”

“Convincing postcore with german lyrics and a clear mind. the four tracks of "autochrome" embrace the vocals and are some kind of rough. what you can hear is made with character and fresh ideas. hopefully their will be more of CHIPKO coming out soon!”

“CHIPKO means content and that is beginning with the name and follows the whole creative process. Expect criticism in capitalism. The musical style is inluenced by fast powerchords as in bands like ORCHID on the one hand and it reminds of bands like ...BUT ALIVE on the other. That fits to a band from Hamburg and is a nice combination with the lyrics. "Herzkammer" is the ideal track for that description from "Privileg Voliere".”

Thomas Eberhardt - OX-Fanzine

“...CHIPKO are not always that easy. They prefer to play their music fast and sometimes are a bit short-tempered. Some riffs would almost get the tag "screamo", but somehow these northern lights can not really find a home there - furthermore they switch between genres...”