Chip Greene / Press

“A Nashville native influenced by the rock of U2 and Coldplay as well as the pop of Aimee Mann, Greene writes melodic and accessible pop-rock that has been featured in a ton of ad campaigns. While his music is rooted in traditional rock sounds, he likes to draw on some electronic elements via his keyboards to create atmospheric pop songs.”

No Country For New Nashville

“Next on my list is pianist, singer/songwriter @chipgreene. The perfect blend for an amazing musician. ‪#‎newmusic‬ ‪#‎recommended‬”


“Music fans get TWO chances (Fri & Sat night) to see Chip Greene at LAUNCH 2015, and with good reason; Chip is the REAL DEAL. Hailing from Nashville, TN, don’t be too quick to pigeon-hole Chip as a country artist. Chip is an amazing songwriter and vocalist, borrowing ever so slightly from the Americana/Modern Country-vibe, while delivering infectious, emotional, melodic rock songs. Chip has performed at LAUNCH MC&F in the past, and is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!”

Substream Magazine

“One of the few musicians performing today where strong local influence and tremendous talent combine to create a first class pop act.”


"Unofficial" SXSW 2012 Editors' Pick

The Austin Chronicle

“A brilliant singer/songwriter.”

Chris Bro - 107.1 The Peak (WXPK-FM, New York)

“Chip Greene—I caught a song or two but I was distracted. I listened to the CD later; WOW. Definitely want to bring this one back if only because, selfishly, I want to watch the entire show!”

Laura Hamlett - PLAY:stl Festival

“His debut album, Exactly and Approximately, is an edgy mix of pop and indie rock. It came out two years ago, and his audiences have been hounding him to give them another!”

Skope Magazine

“A staple of our Local Lightning Spotlight, Chip is a talent that deserves to be heard!”

Gary Kraen - Lightning 100 (WRLT-FM, Nashville)

“King of Pain - Chip Greene’s métier is matters of the heart. That alone doesn’t make him an original, but his meticulous examination of all the intricacies of a relationship is a great deal more detail-oriented than average. His classic approach to melody is updated with layers of electronic textures, yielding atmospheric pop gems.”


“A singer-songwriter that pushes past the acoustic guitar playing, love song writing stereotype that singer-songwriters get stuck in.”

Hear/Say: America's College Music Magazine

“When Megan Light and Chip Greene combine their powers, they form an unstoppable musical force called GreeneLight!”

IGO Nashville

“GreeneLight is the combined names and talents of Chip Greene and Megan Light, and their first EP is four songs of dreamy, rhythmic pop romanticism.”

The Murfreesboro Pulse

“No Guesswork Needed: "Exactly and Approximately" is Just Good Music.”

The Nashville Feed

“Things do happen for a reason, and what unfortunately was a tragic event for Nashville-area native Chip Greene, was also a new beginning. After a serious motorcycle accident back in high school, Chip began learning the piano and writing music... (Click link to continue reading!)”