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“The orchestra tracks are breathtaking. They push Chin’s Mojo beyond the routine pattern of two guitars, bass and drums, and toward the perfection that songwriters imagine in their heads....Chin’s Mojo finished its astounding new album, “Man O’War,” a grand-scale, epic release.”

Miami Herald - Miami Herald

“... a good example of a band that is growing for all the right reasons."”

Houston Chronicle - Houston Chronicle

“Within 22 days of the first video's release, the "Drowning Man" funding reached $ 2500. The campaign was successfully concluded less than one month from the initial video's release date.”

Boston Globe - Boston Globe

““Betrayal”, which is a very nice fun uptempo Melodic Rocker with even some VAN HALENish guitarwork and a deadly catchy chorus.”

“I can't say enough good things about this album. It seems that each member brings multiple influences and inspirations to the band, but it combines for something undoubtedly original. Chin's Mojo is a band that, in their relatively brief time as a band, has received significant praise, a dedicated following, and the start of success. It is well-deserved, and I look forward to the Mojo spreading. You will not be disappointed.”

Salvatore Pisciotta - Associated Content . Yahoo

“ Chin's Mojo is a band that serves up some good old rock and roll, one of the best bands you have never heard of. The album is a kaleidoscope of both emotion and rock and roll. It is an enjoyable journey. The band has made a name for their energetic live performances, passing out lyrics sheets to the audience and encouraging them to sing along. They involve the crowd and put on one hell of a show.”

Salvatore Pisciotta - Associated Content . Yahoo

“With lyric sheets in one hand and cameras in the other, fans capture shots of the band amid a flood of pyro from the incredible light show.”

"Chin's Mojo plays guitar-rich rock ballads with creative pop hooks."

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