ChilliBowl / Press

“I like your music and flow its so smooth.....women really love that....”

Crystal Lanning - Fan

“Loving your lyrics & vocals in your song "You"...it's wonderful to hear passion in a musicians voice...continue spreading your music around this wonderful universe.”

- New Zealand - Ymdemulder

“Hot R&B Ballad "YOU" produced by ChilliBowl”


“Its here! We Are The West Side, Warrior Up video. Will have you raising yo' hands by the end of the song! ”


“Check out the "NEW" TITAN video. We Da East aka Victorias Beast featuring OG Mack Produced By ChilliBowl”

Producer- ChilliBowl

“Victorias East & West High, Plus UHV Singles soon to be released on "Schoolz In" project produced by ChilliBowl.Future dates coming for itunes,rhapsody,amazon mp3,napster,emusic,fox news,getgreenmusic, wa tunes,ilike and more!!!!”

-resident of Victoria - Victorias New Music Scene "Schoolz In" project is very nice

“Hot Tracks 'We Da East aka Victorias Beast" & "We Are The West Side, Warrior Up" now available! A MUST HAVE!”

Producer- ChilliBowl