Chicago Afrobeat Project / Press

“'No Bad News' showcases the spirit of CAbP to perfection—putting an up-to-date touch on traditional Afrobeat sounds—as well as their hard-earned mastery of the style. The low-key blending of Kiara Lanier's ultra-smooth vocals and harmonies with bubbling guitars and electric piano, topped by great emceeing by Legit, produces a subtle, rich and highly enjoyable sound."”

“...Channeling the Afrobeat totems and the most hustling, hot footing rhythms, the Chicago collective offer a unique take on the genre under the watchful eye of Tony Allen. Bridging two generations, adding some fresh licks and eclectic sounds from their own backyard, they do more than most in reenergizing the Afrobeat blueprint.”

"...the group was originally planning to record two songs with [Allen] as well. But realizing the vibe in the studio was so strong—playing with CAbP reminded Allen of sessions with Fela himself, he said—the master drummer decided that the music had to keep flowing. They recorded a 10-song album together, resulting in the first Tony Allen collaboration in North America.... In “Race Hustle,” an overwhelming atmosphere of urban struggle rises from chanting protestors introducing the song. Singer JC Brooks tells us stories of resistance in the city, while the fusion of Allen’s experienced, solid beats with deep synth waves and intricate horn lines provides a perfectly fitting background."

““The group’s songs are musical snowballs, opening as minimalist skeletons – a buoyant bass line or a lone, repeated guitar chord – before picking up keyboards, horns and various percussive elements. Gathering momentum, the songs thunder to a hip-shaking climax.””

Andy Downing - Chicago Tribune