Chiba-Ken / Press

“Many moons ago I did some work for another music magazine to develop their Local Scene section. One of the first bands to come across my desk was a band called Chiba-Ken. Intrigued by the Japanese name, I popped the “Faces of the Moment” EP into the CD deck and was impressed with...”

““Tried and true themes of religion, politics, and self-realization are not only freshly addressed; they are brought to life with the openly-united bonds of its seasoned and musically cultivated members. Be it love, life, death or grace, it is all here in this album.””

Looney Tunes

““Grandiose in both production value and songwriting prowess, Chiba-Ken convincingly demonstrates its love affair with blending heavy riffs, melodic singing, and memorable hooks without sounding derivative or falling into cliches, thus establishing its own mark without coming off as a clone.””

Mike - SOS - Crave Magazine

““Chiba-Ken’s Are We Innocent? is a solid release that stands up to its peers in the genre with lyricism that shines.””

Anton Djamoos - HTO Magazine

““...the guitar work is stellar...Chiba-Ken displays a lot of variety musically.. a band with potential to do big things in their genre...””

HV Scene