Che Zifandel / Press

“Art of an Unknown Celebrity is an EP which clearly marks Che Zifandel out as a talented singer songwriter with some interesting things to say and a clever way of delivering them. Drawing on a variety of influences and singing from the heart, Zifandel ensures there is something here for everyone to find interesting and exciting.”

“In an era when playing live matters as much as having an online following, alternative soul is gaining ground in cities like New York and Los Angeles, where Che Zifandel is currently based. And it is artists like Che who bring out the realness that's a big part of what alternative soul is about. Che Zifandel's album "Art of an Unknown Celebrity" is available at http://chezifandel.bandcamp.com/album/art-of-an-unknown-celebrity. A dollar from each download of that album benefits the Lupus Foundation of America. ”

"Singer Che Zinfandel wows the crowd."