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“Greek lads Chewing Gun do not hold back. They go all the way in their musical adventures, delivering sonically challenging and electrifying results. When listening to their latest release Volume, I feel like I am listening to several bands simultaneously. However, there is a string that ties it all together, creating a minimal order in the chaotic world of Chewing Gun. They create an isolated environment in which their music flows impeccably.The band hits heavy with deep riffs and technical drumming, disregarding traditional song structure and dwelling on asymmetric time signatures and experimentations. Chewing Gun delivers a vast array of sounds and moods extracted from genres like progressive rock, math rock, and psych rock. If you are into progressive sound that captivates, make sure you check out Chewing Gun. I can only imagine how great of an experience it could be, seeing this band live in some small underground venue.”

“Chaos, grooves and mental noises abound on this record, which freely plunders the treasuries of several musical traditions; its primary materials come from rock and electronica, but the methods of those zones of practice are not always applied in predictable ways. Atmospheric, minor mode soundscapes co-exist with juddering sonic cut-ups and disorientating cross-rhythms; creative processing transforms ostensibly straightforward passages of melodic rock into threatening and perplexing riddles; samples lend gnomic significance to otherwise atavistic statements of rhythmic intensity. There is a constant dialectic between clarity and grit, not just in the production, but also in the affective landscape described by the music. While Chewing Gun do not make performance and musicianship a central feature of their work, they know how to lay it down hard, particularly in the groove department, using compelling rhythmic hooks to tie together materials that are often abrasive”

“η ικανότητά τους να ανεβοκατεβάζουν κλίμακες γίνεται εθισμός στα μισά και παραπάνω από τα δέκα τραγούδια του πρώτου τους άλμπουμ '' Industrial Chewing Machine'' με το τελείως μινιμαλ εξώφυλλο,σε αντίθεση με τηνπληθωρικήμουσικήτους.Stoner,grunge,jazz,ψυχεδέλια,ηλεκτρονική είναι απλά ονομασίες ειδών.Στους CHEWING GUN, δεδομένης της μουσικής κατάρτισης,δεξιοτεχνίας και ζωντανής αίσθησης της μουσικής τους,γίνονται όπλα που εκτοξεύουν απολαυστικά,πεντακάθαρα,ισορροπημένα και ευθυγραμμισμένα ,ροκ τραγούδια με ψυχή,που δεν πελαγοδρομούν, παρ'όλη τη μεγάλη διάρκεια του”

“Industrial Chewing Machine” is the 2011 debut album of the Athenian band, Chewing Gun. It is a self-produced album by this 4-piece act that is putting its mark on the map of the Greek underground rock scene. With the current line up of singer/guitar player Takis Markou, bass player Giannis Gekis, drummer Tasos Peppas, and guitar player Giorgos Christopoulos, Chewing Gun has managed to release a very interesting 10-track album. Their sound covers a musical spectrum from King Crimson to Tool, and, as far as I know, the band was working on this album for over a year. As you may have already realized, we are talking about a band that plays rock fusion, a music genre which cannot be labelled as “mainstream”. Since I don’t like putting musicians under labels, I, therefore, won’t do it now with this album. The only thing I can say is that you should give them a listen and come up with your own opinion.”

“One night I saw a band with a kinda weird name playing live.The name of the band was Chewing Gun.Their sound is a mixture of prog-heavy rock, psychedelic elements and even some drum n bass and funk.Although it took me a couple of years to see them playing live, Chewing Gun is a busy four piece act from Athens with English lyrics.All four members are experienced musicians who have been around for many years, playing with several bands...”

“Μας ξέφυγε αυτό.Λόγω ημέρας (όχι άλλες Πέμπτεεεες) κατάφερα να δω μόνο τις 2 απ'τις 4 μπάντες αφού έφυγα κατά τις 11.30. Κρίμα γιατί ήθελα να δω Father Sun =/Λοιπόν, Chewing Gun. Σίγουρα κάτι που δε περιμέναμε. Progressiv-άδες, καλοί παίχτες που ροκάρουν τη μία κιε το τεχνικό-"κουράζουν" την άλλη στιγμή κιε όλο αυτό σε πολλές εναλλαγές. Αποτέλεσμα ωραίο κιε ενώ αναρωτιόμουν τι μου θυμίζουν μουσικά, να σου κιε μια διασκευή σε Mars Volta (δε θυμάμαι τώρα ποιο). Καλή φάση. ”