“.My music is my journey through the journey of live. My music is love and sadness at the same time. It brings tears of sadness and joy with the persistent of hope. It remind me of never giving up and no matter how frail you feel at one time or another; there is always hope and possibility coming your way in the next second, minute, hour or the next day. My music is genre free music. I say this because good music brings unity and take down barriers that hinder our spiritual growth in this human journey. My music remind us to take time even if you having a rough day to sing and dance and celebrate humanity. Yes every one can sing. It can be in your bathroom, in your car, in a hospital bed, lost in the wilderness or even in your own prison. At the end music is more than sound; it can be that sweet sound in your mind and heart that sometimes you are the only one enjoying it. Thus by recording this music, my intention is to share my journey with you as we continue to evolved on this paths.”