Chester Brown / Press

“An heir to the Grateful Dead genre of music and a favorite with the hookah smoking and hacky sack kicking set, Chester Brown's very name is a slang term used in their hometown of Chesterton for local ditch weed. "Improvisation IS a big part of what we do," said keyboardist/vocalist Nathan Vanderlin. "We tend to get labeled as a ‘jam band' a lot and I understand why, but we're more that that," he continued. "We also have three- and four-minute songs that are radio friendly and our music is sort of all over the board." With a catalogue of 64 original songs to their credit, Chester Brown's material transverses a broad sound -- from a bluegrass-y kind of country-soul, to trippy pop, to blues-rooted romps, to old school rock ‘n' roll  -- further enhanced by the fact that all members swap out lead vocal duties. "Today, most bands have songs that all tend to sound the same. And many bands tend to sound the same. We pride ourselves in NOT being that way," said Vanderlin ”

"When all is said and done, these guys work hard, play hard and will get your asses up and moving!

Francesca Kozlik - Wassup Magazine