Cheryl Nye / Press

“..Nye takes on a whole new persona when performing..she transforms herself into a flamboyant, theatrical and visually voluptuous performer....her huge green eyes lighting up your heart.”

Nancy Snipper - The Monitor, Montreal Canada

“this lady delivers her material in a dramatic, emotion-filled style, with a solid,soaring voice over a huge orchestral presentation.”

Raymond J. Arsenault - The Journal Pioneer

“Cheryl wows 'em in New York”

The Suburban - The Suburban

“.......I guess you could describe my stage clothing as eccentric, but I think an entertainer should look a little different...”

from interview with Bill Brownstein - The Montreal Gazette

“...Montreal's Cheryl Nye is a multi-faceted performer”

Canadian Country Magazine - Canadian Country Magazine Who's Who- Names & Faces (Dodge Trucks)

“Nye said her growing success in the last few years has taught her that if you have a desire to do something you can do it..Everyone has a chance to do what they want in life.”

Anna Jolly - The Press Republication-Plattsburgh, New York USA

“...there are a lot of negative things in the world and I like looking at the positive. Singer and songwriter Cheryl Nye is an avowed romantic,so it's no surprise that most of her songs are contemporary love ballads.”

Charlie Fidelman - The Montreal Gazette

“..one nice touch is that she is a class act...she's too good to keep under wraps.”

Bram Eisenthal - The Suburban- Montreal, Canada

"about fashion Cheryl says: "It is an expression of our inner fire.I'm enchanted and captivated with dramatic styles of makeup and clothes and with the intensity of bold color. With fashion,we may dare to express our originality; albeit bordering on the realms of fantasy...

Iona Monahan Fashion Segment on Local Celebrities "Beauty In Black" - Montreal Gazette

“....you rock Cheryl , your music is outstanding. such well arranged and thoughtful compositions your vocals are beautiful and full of passion and your instrumentals knock me out. stunning, awesome. ...like top drawer....thanks for liking mine..Bryon ”

Bryon Tosoff - Reverbnation Artist