Cherry Veil / Press

"I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the show tonight. The talent in that band is top-grade. I use to be a disc jockey back in the early days and have promoted a few bands. . . You guys are damn good. I actually knew the last song too. . . . . Playing Clapton was gutsy and also impeccable. I'm absolutely floored by you guys. Herman's should be an even better show. There's so much talent there. . . . - Sharon Carroll

Sharon Carroll - Recieved in eMail: Not published

“Cherry Veil is a concert and dance band which performs a wide range of locally popular music originals and classic rock songs. This band knows how to rock! So if you want to spend the whole night dancing or just plan to sit back and enjoy a great evening of music and fun entertainment, you are in for a treat! Come dance, sing along, laugh...”