Chernobog / Press

“Chernobog is the name of a Slavic deity of evil: a hideous, shadowy figure that lurks at night. Plus, it has to be one of the best metal names of all time! The band, surprisingly, is not from some freezing Eastern European country, but in fact from sunny Sacramento. It plays a combination of classic thrash, melodic metal and groove metal (and stays away from the metalcore and grindcore sounds that are increasingly taking over the metal scene). Chernobog falls somewhere between Slayer and Hatebreed. It's brutal and honest metal that keeps its intensity up whether pummeling through fast chords or slow, heavy breakdowns.”

“Don’t let the face paint fool you, (Chernobog) bounce between a variety of different genres. They’re pretty heavily groove-metal focused...They’re something different for people who may think that Sacramento is getting a little -core and tech-death heavy.”