Chelsea McBee / Press

“Chelsea has one of the most amazing voices in music today. When most of the “mainstream” Nashville artists are throwing out lyrically one dimensional song’s, Chelsea is doing the complete opposite. Her songs have meaning, texture, and emotion. Plus, what is not HOT about a girl pickin’ a banjo like no other?! When it comes to bluegrass music I would say Chelsea is the most kept secret in the genre today. ”

"[McBee's recording of] "The Wind And Rain" might just be the best thing she ever puts on a record. Backed with family members, the a cappella vocals are some of the best this area has heard all year. The harmonies exude beauty and the poignant nature of the presentation would have easily fit on the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack, right between Emmylou Harris and Ralph Stanley."

“Got the chills? Yeah, Chelsea McBee kinda does that to a music lover. ”

"(McBee) is a golden-throated bluegrass warbler... truly a local treasure..."

Shepherdstown Observer

"Chelsea's voice is like listening to eight different colors at once."

Carolyn Malachi - Smart Chicks Inc.

“indie-music.com Editor's Pick in Feb 2009!”

indie-music.com editor - www.indie-music.com