chelsea in orbit / Press

"Striking and emotional vocals carry Chelsea in Orbit tunes deep into your brain" With roots that cross EMO with English rock/pop once experienced Chelsea in Orbit is a band that is not soon forgotten.

BlackJack - IndieFan

"Alternately rocking out with spacey reverb effects, trippy guitars and emotional vocals, the quality of the material shines through in multiple facets."

Stuart Pitt - Rockpile

"Their web site described them as spacey, but to me their sound was much richer than that. Songs were simple -- two or three chords and catchy melodies -- but the orchestration of the lead guitar coupled with the full sound of singer Juan Parejo's rhythms identified CIO's sound as unique."

Chad - Philly Music Homepage

"Pretty cool guitar intro and I liked the "vibe" right off the bat…Last note, I want to hear more from this band....”

Lauren Scheff - Belly Puddle

“Saturday night, you're chillin' with friends. Maybe you're walking around the city streets, maybe you're just sitting around in someone's apartment. Either way, there's that vibe. You know what I'm talking about. The Saturday night vibe that resonates through your entire body. You wanna move, live, feel the wonder of the starry night -- you want to "burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars," as Kerouac so eloquently put it. It's time to call the troops and party like you've never partied before. But, like any good party, you gotta have the music. That's where Philadelphia area band Chelsea in Orbit comes in. Their three-song EP, "Choke," burns with feeling. The result is ethereal and will provide the perfect soundtrack to any Saturday night. ”

Lisa Trudeau - CenterStage, Chicago

"An altogether tight and heavy pop/alternative band with a groove in all the right places...big things could happen for this Pennsylvania foursome"

Alex - Ward 42

"Parejo's delivery makes each (song) sound like a call from an emotionally complicated place, where he sends back pointed messages…"

Brian Glaser - Digital City

"Chelsea in Orbit’s live show is an assault on the senses and can only be described as musical aggression."

John Williams - Pitch

"I finally got out to see a Chelsea In Orbit show in March. I got their CD a while back and thought it was a great album. Most of their songs are very “radio-friendly" and have great hooks and progressions. I’d definitely recommend checking out Chelsea in Orbit for those of you that haven’t had the experience yet."

Anthony J. Caroto - Origivation Magazine