Chelsea Coleman / Press

“The songs are personal, naked, and nicely sung. The use of some instruments makes this small collection of six songs seem like somewhat haunted. The lap steel evokes some reverberating sounds of the night. ‘When the Dam Bursts’ about sums up her year of writing. ‘Vera, Vera’ is a pretty ballad (my favorite) but speaks to the pain of memories, “…and I ain’t an island.” This is an unvarnished, unpolished but stellar performance of confessional poetry by a young woman trying to figure it out.”

“The introduction track on the EP is the aforementioned, "This Feeling This Feeling," wherein Coleman's singing and guitar is gently complemented by a sleepy lap steel as she vocally paints a picture of being on the verge and at the mercy of emotion. The following track, "When the Dam Bursts," is another side of the same lyrical coin. She sings about a sense of tragic domesticity that haunted her marriage and an anticipated intense uncontrollable outpouring of emotion. On this track, Coleman's finger picking is supported by a steady drumbeat that later swells in the song providing an emotion climax that would be much more difficult to achieve by Coleman alone. Whereas "This Feeling This Feeling" took three months to write because of Coleman's reservations, "When the Dam Bursts" took 30 minutes or so, she said.”