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"Chasing Shade is not your typical college rock band. They are small, but the three members create a sound that digs deeper than the usual Iowa City rock group. " "Harris’ voice is surprisingly soulful, and he knows how to use falsetto." "Throughout the show at Marty’s the three would occasionally glance at each other and let out small smiles when they knew they had hit something especially beautiful. Usually these moments happened after a particularly clear note from Harris, a haunting solo from Beenk, or a sly joke from any of the three."

“It’s 8:45 p.m. on a Thursday. Amid the downtown disarray, three twenty-something-year-olds are illuminated under green and pink stage lights. They pluck the strings of their guitars and stroke the snare heads for last minute tuning adjustments. The crowd waits in anticipation. Their set begins. University of Iowa seniors, Griffen Harris, Elliott Beenk and Tim Cigrand make up the indie folk rock trio, Chasing Shade. The group released their debut album Pen to Paper earlier this year and offer it as a “pay what you like” download at www.chasingshade.bandcamp.com. The group’s collective Rorscach-esque headshots on Pen to Paper cover don’t give the album due justice. Considering these cat’s talents, they already boast an impressive line-up of performance highlights.."”

“Move over, James Brown. After this week, there’s new competition for the the title of “the hardest working man in show business.” Iowa City musicians Elliott Beenk and Griffen Harris are among the thousands of bicyclists making the week-long, 400-mile trek across the state on RAGBRAI, stopping to perform mostly impromptu shows along the route for their fellow riders. And as if riding and jamming their way across Iowa wasn’t enough during this oven roaster of a week, the two first-time RAGBRAI riders are hauling hundreds of pounds of music equipment and camping gear on specially built bicycle trailers behind them and collecting sunlight with portable solar panels to power their shows. The duo, a pair of environmental advocates and a self-described indie-beach-blues band playing under the moniker Chasing Shade — an apt band name given this week’s sweltering heat — say they are using the trip to promote the harmony of cycling, music and the environment. ”

Iowa City Press Citizen

“Chasing Shade Although Elliot Beenk had not planned on heading to Iowa City or the University of Iowa, he and bandmate Griffen Harris are certainly glad he did. The two men are members of local band Chasing Shade, which is featured on the album; it will perform at the Englert release show on Friday. “I’m incredibly excited. It will be our first theater show,” Harris said. The band will play alongside the likes of Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps, Brooks Strause, and the Gory Details, to name a few. “I’m very grateful that we got asked to do it,” Harris said, “We are honored to be on any part of that compilation.””