Chasing Moira / Press

“Creatively integrating the textures of Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course Dave Matthews, Chasing Moira delivers one of the most ingeniously performed and produced collection of music that I have heard from a local artist.”

“'Far Away As Yesterday' is a warm, exquisite CD that shows off the band's gift for writing supple, well-arranged songs, embellished by jazzy sax, electric and acoustic guitar interplay, and a soulful, rhythmic flow...some of the new album conjures up the mellow side of Pearl Jam. ”

"...They open for Train on Sunday at the Tullio Arena...whose sophisticated debut, 'Something Out of Nowhere,' was up for Album of the Year at the 2011 RockErie Music Awards. That CD includes Song of the Year nominee 'Hearts on Fire.'"

"'Something Out of Nowhere' by Chasing Moira. This six-member group started as a Dave Matthews Band tribute and that influence comes through. But the band's polished debut also has a little Traffic-jazziness and languid, John Mayer soulfulness filtering through their breezy, yet organic songwriting. At its best, this is more sublime than Sublime."

"'We got this rhythm in the palm of our hands,' Brown sings at one point, and he's not lying. It's a limber, organic CD that benefits from his soulful, expressive vocals and Beall's jazz-influenced sax...White has worked in the studio with big names such as Good Charlotte, A Day to Remember and The Academy Is, among others."