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“Mark Lanoue's interview with Brian "theFishMan" Fish on the Heavy Metal Happy Hour for allnoiseradio.com. Chasing Karma, Liberty N Justice, Dean Fasano, Persian Risk, and more...”

“Chasing Karma are skillful professionals and instrumentalists, and that’s clear after listening just a few tacts of present songs. A production of “Cosmocracy” is also modern, and shows that members of band captures a standards of our time. Well done job, and recommendable product, especially for the followers of mentioned genre’s forms. Rating 8/10”

“An Interview with Mark Lanoue on Hardrockhaven.net given by Derric Miller”

“An interview with Mark Lanoue on RockOverAmerica.com given by Mark Lewis.”

“Review of Chasing Karma "COSMOCRACY" with Mark Lewis of RockOverAmerica.com”

“Review of Chasing Karma "COSMOCRACY" with Derric Miller of Hardrockhaven.com:”