Chasing Jonah / Press

“Up first was a solo acoustic set from Orlando based singer/songwriter Ashley Dudukovich of Chasing Jonah. One of the most remarkable things about her set was the fact the entire audience was totally absorbed in watching and listening. There was no game playing and very little chatter as Dudukovich opened up her set with “Miss Lorraine” and “As You Want To.” It’s always a pleasure catching a live performance from Dudukovich. Her passionate, soulful vocals never fail to draw in an audience and command attention. Her set also included “Run” from the Chasing Jonah CD, “And the Clocks Moved.””

“The venue was packed for the band’s show, with the audience crowding around the front of the stage eagerly anticipating the band’s set. The four piece Orlando band, Dudukovich (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Tony Ficarrotto (guitar), Champ Kelley (drums) and Chandler Cook (bass), did not disappoint. Dudukovich’s powerful, passionate vocals are as rich and full live as they are on the CD and musically the band couldn’t have sounded better.”

“Orlando band Chasing Jonah will celebrate the release of "And the Clocks Moved," an EP that blends lead singer Ashley Dudukovich's graceful lyrics with a musical backdrop that combines folk and textured rock in the Death Cab for Cutie mold. "It's a coping mechanism for me," Dudukovich says of her songwriting. "It's what I use to interpret life and learn something from it. Friendships, breakups and past loves, these songs are about that." On songs such as the title track, guitarist Tony Ficarrotto, drummer Champ Kelley and bassist Chandler Cook offer a cinematic sound that suits such emotionally charged subjects. Singer-songwriter Chris Burns and hip-hop/jazz hybrid Essence D'ame open the show.”

“Orlando singer Ashley Dudukovich is many things on her band Chasing Jonah's debut EP: heart-shattered, afraid of love and "walking down Mills Avenue" after some car trouble, "where early sunset leapt off and took flight." One thing she's not is a dummy. Although her front-and-center, delicately lilting voice rises and falls with seemingly every painful memory a lyric digs up – an undeniably voyeuristic pleasure – Chasing Jonah's tracks start slow, build to crescendos capably managed by her backing band and only realize their fullness at the peak pop moment, making this effort a demo sure to perk up the ears of the lovesick and licensing scouts alike.”

“And the Clocks Moved,” the debut release from local Orlando band Chasing Jonah, is an inspiring emotional journey for both the band and the listener. The band’s sound can best be described as a Pop/Rock music with a soulful Folk heart; the music perfectly compliments the expressive, personal lyrics, instantly creating an emotional bond with the listener. Chasing Jonah’s lead singer/songwriter Ashley Dudukovich pours out her feelings in every song, sometimes softly whispering, and at other times her vocals defiantly soar”

“ The four song EP is an example of what happens when you pour your heart out onto paper during late night sessions and commit it to music. Exceptional in its lyrical and musical qualities, this is an emotionally charged work of art. The EP opens with the title track "And The Clocks Moved". Moving and captivating at the same time, the song showcases the bands ability to engulf you in the emotion of the song. Thankfully the production values are top notch and match the quality of the material. Make sure you don't skip out on purchasing the whole EP even if you had previously purchased "To Know You". The version of that song on this release is redone and far superior to the original release.”

“From the fist moment I heard the unique tone in her voice I fell absolutely in love with it and her song writing. Ashley is one of the most unique and amazing spirits I ever met with lots of love for others and passion for expressing herself through music to hopefully make others feel better. Listening to her music puts a smile on my face.”

“Their music is innocuous and devoid of any edge, but it’s soft-core pop-rock done pretty well. Frontwoman Ashley Dudukovich has a pleasing, heart-on-sleeve voice. And whether vanilla is your flavor or not, Chasing Jonah’s songs at least hit their marks.”