Chasing Clarence / Press

“ By their own definition, the musical group Chasing Clarence is “prone to wander into uncharted sonic territory.” Their “territory” is an eclectic blend of jazz, folk, Indie and pop, appealing to a broad age range and diverse demographics, including Nashville music producers. Chasing Clarence began as musician/composer Eric Bervig’s basement recording project in 2009. “A great learning experience,” he said. Soon, a duet formed, Ezra Overly adding rhythm via drums and percussion. Then, along came Phoebe Mathius, a Bemidji State University student from Malaysia. The television-journalist-in-training engaged the musicians for a final class project. She subsequently began singing along, her “phenomenal voice” blending well with Bervig’s. The keyboard player and percussionist was invited to join Overly and Bervig for a Pregnancy Resource Center benefit in Park Rapids. A trio emerged. “When Phoebe joined us, she totally changed the dynamics,” Bervig said. “She adde”