Chasing Amy / Press

"Chasing Amy is our 2013 BAND OF THE YEAR!"

“From Joliet, IL! OUR BAND OF THE MONTH!!! CHASING AMY!!! "Bands like CHASING AMY are the reason Chicago is such a great party town!" Dolphin Entertainment Group (Chicago) ”

“So what makes Chasing Amy different from other bands? It does not focus on a particular era or musical genre. “We’ll run the gamut as long as we can strip the song and make it our own,” Rodriguez said. “We’re not afraid to tackle anything.” ”

"You guys are perfect for us" Ron Bailey-Bailey's Bar & Grill in Tinley Park

Bailey's Bar & Grill in Tinley Park

"You guys are the best band we've ever had here" Jason Daniels-Liquid Therapy in Joliet

Liquid Therapy-Joliet

“Chasing Amy Band Members nominated for 2011 Chicago Rocker Awards. They are Angel Birr (Favorite Female Singer); Bill Volling (Favorite Guitarist) Joliet Dave Rodriguez (Favorite Bass Player) and Paul Chamberlin (Favorite Drummer)...”

“Chasing Amy voted 5/5 for Best New Band 2008.”

“The 13th Annual Best of the Burbs Results: Here are the final results for the 2008 Best of the Burbs. They are in the otder they finished.2 million votes this year from 34,000 registered users. Best New Band 5. Chasing Amy”